Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lilla // 2 Months

 Lilla, you are TWO months old! Just look at how much you have grown in one month's time.

You are the squishiest little potato and we all love you so much. 

2 month happenings: 

You started smiling around 5 weeks. In the mornings, I go in to get you and your fat potato self is just smiling away that I came to get you! Exhibit A: 

You still hate your crib. We're really hoping when you go to daycare in a month that you learn to love it. You scream bloody murder when we leave you in it! Living room = happy place. Here you are staring at me in the monitor before shrieking at me to get you outta there. You will roll alllll around that crib. You still love your swaddle. Your dad leaves your little hands out and its the cutest thing to watch you wiggle those fingers.

You eat 6oz/feeding and you eat 5 bottles a day. You LOVE when dad gets home at night and you give him all the heart eyes. 

You love to admire yourself in the mirror. You make sweet eyes at yourself and coo at yourself. You love this mirror in your room or the one on your swing the most. This is about the only part of your room you like.

You went play at Cece and Papa's house a few times. Cousin Hadley wanted to share all her toys with you. You didn't want to play back just yet :)

Your big brother is still very confused by you and doesn't understand why you get all the attention. Especially from Della!

I think your most favorite thing to do is STRETCH! 

We took you to Red Zeppelin for pizza. This was your Dad's first restaurant outing with you! He was a little nervous. Since then, we take you everywhere and you usually sit next to Dad.

We took you to Zippys the next day for the LSU game. You were unamused and slept through it after giving the place a good onceover. 

You even got to go to your first "happy hour" with teacher friends. You had so much fun at Superior. You even slept through the band! 

Your favorite way to smile is this little smirk.
Other 2 Month Tidbits:
- You sleep through the night (9pm-7:30am) if you are in your swing. You don't need the motion in the swing anymore to sleep at night.
- You are almost busting out of size 1 diapers. I weighed you at home and you were about 10.14. I'm guessing at your doctor's appointment tomorrow, you will be over 11 pounds.
- You are definitely in 3 month clothing already and most things are 3-6 month!
- You still aren't quite sure about bathtime.
- You love to stroll.
- Your Della and I have taken you on tons of outings. We are teaching you how to shop and dine at a young age :)
- Your Parrain and soon to be Aunt Libby had their engagement party this month so you went stay at Cece and Papa's house. You also spent the night out at Della and Pops' house.
- You had lots of people visit you. Here you are with your great grandma, Dodie.

You also got a new cousin, baby Beau. You love to give these eyes. Let's just say you like the attention on you.
We take lots of selfies at home. You have a ways to go before we master it.
I leave you with this picture to sum up your two months. Potato!

Friday, May 15, 2015

24 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 24 Weeks 4 days

Size of Baby: A garden eggplant or a cantaloupe 

Gender: GIRL!

Sleep: On and off sleep. Typically, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. After talking with my doctor about it on Monday, she said it's not typical that women have trouble sleeping at this point so we're hoping it's just a phase. I think it has more to do with renovation stress. Praying that ends soon so I can see if my sleeping pattern gets better. 

Movement: Much more this week! Josh was able to feel her move a few nights ago. At work this morning, we were able to see her kicking against the left side of my belly through my dress!

Workouts: Sadly, no. Hopefully when I'm off of work in a few days, I will develop some type of routine. 

Weight: 18 pounds. Yikes!

Maternity Clothes: Mixing and matching. Mostly maxi dresses that I just go up a size or they have a lot of room originally. 

Symptoms: All day Monday I guess I hadn't eaten enough (before going to the doctor in the afternoon) that I developed the WORST headache. It rivaled the ones I got in the first trimester. That headache kept me up for most of the night Monday night. I probably slept about 2 hours. The next day was pretty bad. Other than that, I've been feeling great. 

Cravings/Aversions: Right now, I'm on a waffle kick. I've been eating blueberry waffles every morning before work. Yum!

Missing Most: Missing the sanity of my organized house. I had a little breakdown yesterday saying I wanted to move out of my house. The dust, the disorganization, the frozen meals/eating out, etc. is start to get to be a bit much. 

Nursery:  No progress on the nursery. It's a storage area for the paragraph above. 

Hubby: He's been very, very patient with me this week. On Monday when I felt bad, he waited on me hand and foot and even checked on me several times in the middle of the night. When he sees my Nook light up in the middle of the night, it must not be good :)  

Best Part of the Week: The best part of this week was Monday. My mom and I went to my OB appointment where we had an extra ultrasound because they couldn't see the heart last time. Well, baby cooperated and we were able to get the pictures we needed. She wouldn't show us her face this time but we did get to see her kick her little legs. So special to share that with my Mom. 

Can't Wait For: I'm reaaaaallly looking forward to Josh and I's babymoon coming up. I'm so glad I went ahead and booked it a couple months back. We leave May 31 and I think what my brain and body need is a getaway. 

I'm so thankful that I am at this point in my pregnancy, this point in my house renovation, and this point in the school year. Typically, I'm such a positive person. I feel like I've kind of lost that over the past three weeks and I'm really looking forward to getting it back. I think I'm overwhelmed and tired. I definitely don't want to sound unappreciative or like a chronic complainer because I strive every day NOT to be like that. I chose this renovation, I chose this job, I wanted this pregnancy. I never want to sound ungrateful. Counting my many blessings today and always. I think I just need to give myself some grace. 

 I got this sweet little gift this week with the most touching card. I think it will be great in our girl's room and I know I will use it to pray for her until she gets here and after her arrival.