Monday, March 3, 2014

Time to Tackle Another Room

Well, it certainly has been a minute. A month? Well rest time is ovah. Except it's Mardi Gras holiday for me, but I go back to work in two very short days. It's my wedding month! Oh wait. Two year anniversary month! How does that happen so quickly?!

I'm a bit scatterbrained this morning because there is so much I have to tell you in no particular order. I guess you're wondering what project we're going to start up next, right? Well, we started a little thing called demo yesterday in our third and final bedroom downstairs. This is no ordinary bedroom, this will be my dream closet as well. I had my doubts at first on how big the closet space would really be, but now that the ugly old vanity and all the painted over blue wood is coming down, my spirits have lifted! We aren't finished taking the old closet/vanity out just yet, but here is a sneak peek at what's come down so far.

Let's do a few befores because these were taken so long ago and I'm feeling nostalgic. 

So this first picture - in all of its scalloped goodness - is the soon to be walk-in closet area. Originally it was a porch, then it was turned into a vanity and two closets. And before it was cream, it was the same color as the walls. Frightening, I know. 

So, then it was time to refinish the floors. Two things to notice in this picture. See that door opening to the right of J? That is now semi-closed in (we still have to sheet rock that) because the built-ins from our living room are right there now making the flow supremely less awkward. Another thing to note is that window unit that is so pleasantly installed into the walls of the house. Well that little puppy is long gone. 

If you've been here a while, you may even remember the fun we had when it was open... And check out those awesome new floors! 

So then we decided to hang this chandelier and I painted the walls. The chandelier is most likely staying, but the wall color is most likely going. Everyone loves this wall color - and I do too - but I just don't know how it will match up with my overall scheme... whatever that may be

I honestly have no idea what direction I want to head in for this room. I have so many conflicting thoughts and ideas, so maybe I'll just throw them all together? I'm going back and forth between whether or not we want to do either a wood-planked wall, stenciled wall, striped wall - seriously, there is no time for plain painted walls. Tiled metallic ceiling? Painted rug? One thing I know for certain is that there will be some type of chandelier in the closet. And a fluffy rug. Clothes are my true love in life (for now) so this has to be my oasis. How superficial can I sound? I can't decide if I want to hold off on updates and do this room for the One Room Challenge or if we want to hurry up and complete this one so we can tackle our bathroom renovation in 6 short weeks. Spoiler: I have a feeling it'll be this room. But, I'm working on plans for both rooms today, so you just never know. Stay tuned!

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