Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Five

Welcome to week 5 of our bathroom renovation! In real time, we are ending out week 9. We won't be finished by next week, but we'll be hopefully very close!

After last week (when I left you with a picture of my nighttime tile excitement), I knew that Friday would be a no progress day. Side note: our tile guy came for 15 minutes to insert our soap dish on Friday and then said he would be back on Saturday to which he was a no show. Insert pregnant lady and I had a full blown meltdown. Imagine my surprise when I walked in Friday afternoon to see counter-top people there installing something pretty.

The unpainted wood totally throws me off too, but it will be white. 

But then my happiness was taken away, because there are a few cracks in the marble in both kitchen and bathroom. Pretend I didn't mention that. 

Saturday morning, we decided to paint some samples on the wall because we're hoping there will be some paint in our near future. This is on the kitchen wall, but it's the same idea. I painted it in the bathroom as well but didn't get a picture. 

I think we're leaning towards option two from the left except cut by 50%. I don't want too much color in either room. 

Then Monday rolled around and we had tornadoes in the area so I knew that our tile guy wasn't showing up. Low and behold, he was at my house when I got home... working on the kitchen. Progress is progress.  The big bummer was that these terrible storms caused power outages in our area. I'm talking Monday-Wednesday we had to sleep at someone else's house power outages. 

Last night we had the rest of the floor tile cut and mapped out but not down. Sigh.

Let's revisit our checklist to see what we have left...
- Wait on tile to be finished and grouted 
- PAINT everything :)
- Install tub, toilet, and all plumbing fixtures
- Finish up electrical work, hang fixtures
- Install glass shower door 
- Install hardware 
- Figure out a window covering? Thinking of just putting some faux wood blinds that we had up before back up until I can commit and have a clear head
- Find art?
- Hang mirrors 
- Move in? 
- Are you laughing yet?!

Next week, we won't be finished but I'll still share we are. Cheers to positive thoughts and sending good vibes to all our subcontractors! Head back to Calling It Home to see all the other talent!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Four: Bathroom

Welcome back! We are in week four of our bathroom renovation. In real time, we are about in week 8.

Week 1: The Ugly Befores 
Week 2: Drywall
Week 3: Starting on the tile 

Earlier this week, we went and picked out our stone for our vanity counters. This stone will be used in both our kitchen and bathroom. They came out and measured everything and said it'll be about two weeks including installation. So, I'm crossing my fingers we'll have countertops by week 6!

Keeping in mind that we are doing kitchen and bathroom all at once, that's double the work for the same subcontractors. We got our first quote for painting (which includes all of our kitchen cabinetry) and it was high, so we're now playing the waiting game of getting other bids. Can't wait to see our vanity painted this color.

BM Pigeon Gray
Last week, I told you about our tile guy moving at a snail's pace. He had the floor of the shower tiled and that was it. My husband and I are used to doing all the work ourselves, so we can't help but compare it to our pace. This week, we're still snailing right along but we've got the shower walls and wraparound wall tiled as well. Keep in mind, none of the walls are grouted. We're all anxious to see some flooring go into this space that way our plumbers can come back and get moving. Right now when I walk into the bathroom, all I see is this shower of tile. I know I need to stop obsessing over it because there will be so much more added to the space soon enough. Here we are now.

Then surprise! I walk in last night and this is down... 

Can you even believe it? Well maybe you can, but I couldn't. Do you think the paint color for the vanity will still work? Thinking of going buy paint samples this week to test everything out.

My other big update is that my mirrors came in that I talked about last week. They're soooo pretty in person and a little asymmetry is going to A-okay as far as I'm concerned if it involves these mirrors.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Update 2

So much has been happened since I first updated you on our kitchen renovation! After 20 days, we have cabinets and crown molding. I also hear our butcher block for our island is going in this week along with some lighting. Fingers crossed.

So each day I would get home from work and walk slowly to the back of the house to the kitchen to see the progress. When I saw ONE cabinet up on the wall, I was over the moon. I guess when you want and wait for something, it's so rewarding to see it happen. Ask my friends, I was SO excited to see this go up!

Then day by day, more cabinets started to go in. Josh and I completely designed this space ourselves, so it was kinda scary to think of the measurements we took and whether or not it would actually work. 

Then, magically all the cabinets were in and the "wall" to the far right that will house our refrigerator went up. Now when you walk in from the back door (see it way back there?) you feel like you're not just walking into everything all at once... which I happen to like since our laundry closet is by the back door too.

The wood hanging off the island is Josh showing me how far our butcher block will overhang to give me an idea for bar stools. 
Next up,the cabinet doors were installed. They will wait to align everything perfectly after the paint job since they will take them all down again to paint. 

A view if you're walking in from the back door. That row of lower cabinets in the back will have our beverage and wine center in between them. We're doing two sconces up top with some open shelving in between. 

I'm so glad our carpenter suggested the storage on the outside of the island. We will have shelves on this side as well and can store so many things we only use occasionally. 
After so much momentum for a few days, the progress kinda halted. I actually walked into my house last week and was so disappointed. I felt like I had been staring at the same thing for days thinking what next? It took me a good hour before I realized there was crown molding on top of the cabinets and all around the room. Totally jazzes it up!

Hopefully next time we will see some paint and lighting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby W Gender Reveal

How sweet it was to find out that we are having a little girl. I went back and forth constantly on trying to decide if it was boy or girl. I kept having dreams that were boy, boy, boy until a few nights ago when I had a dream that I had a girl named Julia. Naturally, I had researched all the "old wives tales" and most of my cravings, symptoms, signs, etc. pointed to girl, but there is never really any way to be sure. When we went for my ultrasound last Monday, the ultrasound tech asked what we wanted and my mom immediately said "girl!" She kept having us turn away from the monitor so we couldn't see, but I knew we wouldn't be able to "see" anyway. Surprisingly, the past week flew by in anticipation for our big reveal on Sunday. My parents hosted a crawfish boil and party for us which turned out to be the absolute most perfect day. After what felt like 30 days of rain, it was so nice to have some sunshine and a breeze. What a gift. We had so much fun celebrating and I was shaking all day from anxiousness and excitement. I have the cutest pictures from yesterday, so naturally I wanted to share. :) Thanks to all the friends and family that came. We had such a wonderful time and are so grateful to each and every one of you!

Our crawfish table setup

The cake was so hard to cut into! This is my face when I lifted the knife out and we both saw a speck of pink. I said "I saw it!" and Josh whispered back "It's pink!"

Team BLUE! 

Team PINK! 

My mom is in blue, but she was team PINK!

Thanks again to my parents who are always so generous. Their granddaughter will be one lucky little girl! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Three

So, I'm actually pretty calm about this whole kitchen and bathroom renovation going on. One would think that being pregnant and having to walk in tennis shoes around your house would put you on edge, but I'm actually coping pretty well.

Now, with that being said.... I truly feel that if my tile guy would stop moving like a turtle, we will have a completed bathroom in a few more weeks. The saying in my head "you'd rather something done right" keeps ringing in my head, but I have to say I would love to see a piece of tile go in my bathroom. Two weeks of tile guy at our house and Tuesday was the first day the tile went in. The angels were singing when I walked in and saw this!

So, that is the floor of the shower. It is not grouted but I most certainly poked at the tile to see if it was actually down or if the tile man was trying to punk me. It's down. 

Then, our cabinet makers (who are almost done in our kitchen!!) put some doors on our vanity. 

The tile that's going on the floor is a 12x12 marble tile. I don't have a picture of it. But, the tile that is going in the shower surround is this white glass subway tile. Except its the standard subway tile size, not this 3x12 version. #couldntfinditandtootiredtolook
The mirrors I think that I'm going with.... 

The mirrors will not be directly over each sink. They will be centered from the center of the vanity instead because of our limited wall space and my need to have sconces. Would this bother you? I'm thinking that it won't bother me. Or I will at least try it out and see if it does. 

Still left to do:
  • Paint walls and cabinetry
  • Install plumbing (tub, sinks, faucets, fixtures)
  • Install lighting (and paint sconces) 
  • Electricians come back to finish up
  • Hang mirrors
  • Install toilet 
  • Install glass
  • Install countertops
That list makes me laugh. Cheers to week 3! Go check everyone else out at Calling it Home!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Two

Welcome back to Week TWO! We are in the middle of project main bathroom. Last week I showed you how beautiful our blue carpeting was and the new layout we have dreamt up.

On to the fun stuff! Week two means lots of demo and putting humpty dumpty back together again. These are all iPhone shots. Remember my dining room? It doesn't look like that right now. Every room is a storage room at the moment. Camera = lost. I'll have it for the end.

Look up! Wallpaper on the ceiling found :)

Every day when I would get home, there would be these huge exposed holes in the floor. We have a raised house. Can you even imagine what poked their head up while we were gone? I can't even think about it. Nightmares of raccoons, I tell you. 

After a few days of looking like that hot mess (although a beautiful hot mess in my opinion), the electricians and plumbers got to work, and then the framing and drywall began. We did this little half wall which is going to be the divider between the shower and the toilet. The rest of the shower will be glass... even the tiles.

Then, an (unfinished) VANITY went into our bathroom along with some cement board on the floors and wall of the shower. The tile guy started to build the shower pan as well.
Lots of progress that actually took about 3 whole weeks (including some weekends) to accomplish. Is that slow to you or am I impatient?

My contractor suggested cutting out a "nook" in the wall that would serve as a linen cabinet since the only storage we were currently going to have was the new vanity. We had to steal a little chunk from the closet of the adjoining bedroom, but I think it'll be well worth it. It will have a cabinet door across the front of it. The little hole on the other side of the wall is the "window" where my shampoo and soap will live for my tub.
Are you bored of looking at drywall and construction? Here's a couple pretty things that are going into the space.
The vanity will have two of these fixtures. The standalone tub will have a larger version of this, and the standalone shower will have the cross handles that match as well.

Delta Cassidy in Brushed Nickel finish  
This guy is going over the tub.

Mid Century Modern Semi-Flush Ceiling Mount Sputnik 18"-24"
Lucent Light Shop

My hopes for Week Three are that I have some tiling to show you along with the beautiful cement board. If not, I'll show you all my tile picks instead. I'm really in love with all the tile I picked and think it will be really classic. Fingers crossed!

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