Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Two

Welcome back to Week TWO! We are in the middle of project main bathroom. Last week I showed you how beautiful our blue carpeting was and the new layout we have dreamt up.

On to the fun stuff! Week two means lots of demo and putting humpty dumpty back together again. These are all iPhone shots. Remember my dining room? It doesn't look like that right now. Every room is a storage room at the moment. Camera = lost. I'll have it for the end.

Look up! Wallpaper on the ceiling found :)

Every day when I would get home, there would be these huge exposed holes in the floor. We have a raised house. Can you even imagine what poked their head up while we were gone? I can't even think about it. Nightmares of raccoons, I tell you. 

After a few days of looking like that hot mess (although a beautiful hot mess in my opinion), the electricians and plumbers got to work, and then the framing and drywall began. We did this little half wall which is going to be the divider between the shower and the toilet. The rest of the shower will be glass... even the tiles.

Then, an (unfinished) VANITY went into our bathroom along with some cement board on the floors and wall of the shower. The tile guy started to build the shower pan as well.
Lots of progress that actually took about 3 whole weeks (including some weekends) to accomplish. Is that slow to you or am I impatient?

My contractor suggested cutting out a "nook" in the wall that would serve as a linen cabinet since the only storage we were currently going to have was the new vanity. We had to steal a little chunk from the closet of the adjoining bedroom, but I think it'll be well worth it. It will have a cabinet door across the front of it. The little hole on the other side of the wall is the "window" where my shampoo and soap will live for my tub.
Are you bored of looking at drywall and construction? Here's a couple pretty things that are going into the space.
The vanity will have two of these fixtures. The standalone tub will have a larger version of this, and the standalone shower will have the cross handles that match as well.

Delta Cassidy in Brushed Nickel finish  
This guy is going over the tub.

Mid Century Modern Semi-Flush Ceiling Mount Sputnik 18"-24"
Lucent Light Shop

My hopes for Week Three are that I have some tiling to show you along with the beautiful cement board. If not, I'll show you all my tile picks instead. I'm really in love with all the tile I picked and think it will be really classic. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Your bathroom is coming along so well! I am doing a bathroom for ORC as well - it is a big undertaking! Love the idea for the "nook" I was planning on in our small shower to maximize space!

  2. It's going to be so good! Love the ceiling fixture!

  3. Isn't it funny how covered holes can be the most beautiful sight ever?! Looks like you're making amazing progress.

  4. Great progress! Excited to keep checking back to see how things continue.

  5. wow you've accomplished a lot in a week... cant wait to see whats next. I know it will be beautiful

  6. That light fixture...I can't even. Gorgeous!!

  7. I can't even believe how much you accomplished in one week! And I'd be right with you fearing the raccoons and worse coming up through the floor. Glad you didn't come home to any vermin! Can't wait to see your progress this week!

  8. That light fixture is so gorgeous!