Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Update 2

So much has been happened since I first updated you on our kitchen renovation! After 20 days, we have cabinets and crown molding. I also hear our butcher block for our island is going in this week along with some lighting. Fingers crossed.

So each day I would get home from work and walk slowly to the back of the house to the kitchen to see the progress. When I saw ONE cabinet up on the wall, I was over the moon. I guess when you want and wait for something, it's so rewarding to see it happen. Ask my friends, I was SO excited to see this go up!

Then day by day, more cabinets started to go in. Josh and I completely designed this space ourselves, so it was kinda scary to think of the measurements we took and whether or not it would actually work. 

Then, magically all the cabinets were in and the "wall" to the far right that will house our refrigerator went up. Now when you walk in from the back door (see it way back there?) you feel like you're not just walking into everything all at once... which I happen to like since our laundry closet is by the back door too.

The wood hanging off the island is Josh showing me how far our butcher block will overhang to give me an idea for bar stools. 
Next up,the cabinet doors were installed. They will wait to align everything perfectly after the paint job since they will take them all down again to paint. 

A view if you're walking in from the back door. That row of lower cabinets in the back will have our beverage and wine center in between them. We're doing two sconces up top with some open shelving in between. 

I'm so glad our carpenter suggested the storage on the outside of the island. We will have shelves on this side as well and can store so many things we only use occasionally. 
After so much momentum for a few days, the progress kinda halted. I actually walked into my house last week and was so disappointed. I felt like I had been staring at the same thing for days thinking what next? It took me a good hour before I realized there was crown molding on top of the cabinets and all around the room. Totally jazzes it up!

Hopefully next time we will see some paint and lighting!


  1. Everything is starting to look great now. I bet it’ll look even better when lighting and paint job are all done. Anyway, what are your plans for the countertops? I would love to see what you have in mind. Anyway, I hope the renovation went well for you guys. Thanks for sharing!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

  2. This kitchen project is shaping up nicely! Those cupboards and countertops are placed perfectly – how one could just easily walk in into everything at once. I'm excited for you to finish your kitchen ventures, and see how everything will turn out. Keep us updated, Eris!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders