Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our Kitchen Renovation 2015

I have honestly dreamed and longed for the day we would begin working on our kitchen renovation. When we first looked at this house, it was one of the ugliest things about the house but one of the rooms that I just knew would be the best part about it when we were done with it. Our bottom floor is about 1700 square feet and our kitchen space alone is a big chunk of that. It is truly one of those "heart of the home" rooms.... or at least it will be.

Let's take a look back at where the kitchen began. I love that this kitchen has evolved so much over the years since it has been built. Hearing the stories from the previous owners about how they changed it and telling them our plans for changing it is so special to me. Is there anything better than thinking about how families grow up and make a home a place they love? Thinking about our peanut growing up like the family did before warms my heart.

As you can see, the theme was blue. Blue carpet, blue sticky tiles, window unit built into the walls of the house, etc. I can smile and be happy about looking at these pictures now because they are no longer there. :)

Notice the bars on the windows? There were bars on every window of our house. We love our neighborhood and definitely don't consider it a barred window type of place. Maybe they were a decorative touch? 

This was the day we closed on the house. Enthusiasm was real high! 
We can't forget the wall heater or the close-up of the nasty blue carpet. Fun fact: we pulled that up and tossed it by the road. Not one hour later, SOMEONE PICKED IT UP in their personal vehicle!

We slowly tore a little bit of the kitchen out and replaced the appliances. We refinished the floors while we were refinishing the rest of the house; however, some of the floor turned out to be plywood.

Fast forward to March 2015, and we are armed with a contractor and demolition began. I could literally hear angels singing when I walked in and saw this. 

We decided to shift the opening to the hallway over a couple feet because in the current layout you could see straight into our bedroom from the opening. Now, we added a pocket door that we can close off for when we have people over and if it's open you can only see into our bedroom from an angle.

After a couple weeks of electrical work and plumbing reconfiguration (in the kitchen and the bathroom, the drywall went up and the mess ensued :) That process took a solid week. This is the part where I get antsy to see some more progress! 

At this point, we have all that flooring ripped out and the drywall is all mudded and textured. In fact, the cabinets go in starting today!!! 


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the space!

  2. It is so nice to read this DIY renovation story as personal experience always gives you a real snap shot of life. Thanks Eris for sharing this wonderful chunk of this epic kitchen renovation episode and also I'd love to see more episodes on renovation projects like these and do also share cost data along with the experience for a more wider idea.

  3. Renovating your kitchen is a really big step, because there are lots of things to consider and plan. Although I can see that you got everything in conttrol and well according to your plan. I’m so excited to see your new floor and the cabinets. Hopefully, everything's going great. Thanks for sharing that, Eris! All the best to you!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express