Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Room Challenge --- Week 4

Welcome back to our guest bedroom/closet makeover! I am officially exhausted from my bachelorette partying weekend and when I finally slept all that off - I freaked out and made a to-do list on my phone on Monday night at 9:55pm. Here's what that looked like.

I didn't sleep so good on Monday night. Technically, we have one week from today to finish this because Josh is going on a bachelor party for pretty much Week 6's entirety. The problem comes in because I don't know how to install baseboards. All construction must be done before he leaves. Anyone doubting us?? Well, I may have threatened that he can't go on the bachelor party until this is finished so for some reason I have absolutely zero doubts. 

Well since that Monday night panic attack, I am happy to say that we punched a few of these major things off the list by some miracle:

1. Drywall mudding is done
2. Walls and ceiling are painted (except where the wall still needs to be textured)
3. All electrical is run - for outlets and fixtures
4. Started stenciling
5. More progress was made on the closet - (I can not get in this closet soon enough!!!)

But, let's start with my most favorite thing this week. I hit the jackpot on accessories at TJ Maxx on Tuesday. Pink = rug for the closet (how many pink rugs is too many?!). The black pillow (there are 2 of them) and the mint pillow are finishing touches for the bed. 

Haha :) 

And, these little cuties got a pop of copper! 

Since I would be a major failure without giving a huge shout-out to my husband coming home to work on "my room" for me 4 hours after work each day, let's take a little look at some of the construction. 

I was beyond excited to finally close in that doorway. (Side note, check our the blue ceiling.) The drywall was almost all the way up... 

Until we had to rip it out to put in a stud. And up it goes once again.

Then it was time to mud it in.

I never really noticed how yellow the walls looked before. I kept feeling like the word "Tuscany" was coming at me from every angle.

Then it was time for a little electrical to be run. 

Anyone want to scrub all this dust out of the wood floors for me? Nothing like drilling a new outlet and hitting a stud. Add that to list of things to patch!

Making a light switch for my new turquoise beaded chandelier that has yet to be made!

Lastly, here's a little sneak at our new white walls and ceiling! Can't wait to show you what the room looks like all white and sparkly. (Notice no more baby blue ceiling!!)

It's amazing how much bigger the room feels now that that doorway is closed in. Follow me on Instagram if you wanna see some stenciling sneaks! Hope everyone has a great weekend --- my momma and I are off to New Orleans today for a little shopping :) 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Room Challenge --- Week 3

Oh week 3. What can I say about you? I spent lots of time packing for the bachelorette party that I'm en route to at this very moment. Excited about a fun weekend in Austin to celebrate one of my favorite friends. So while I was very much focused on my wardrobe, Josh was busy working on the future home of my wardrobe. So while I was making a tornado of a mess of clothes throughout the house, how about a little photo story/evolution of our room over the past week?

I could've sworn that I took pictures from our trips to Lowes and Home Depot to document the lumber purchase for this closet. But, I guess I was checking IG and fb instead wishing the trips would end. We have a pretty big SUV so normal wood purchases are no biggie. But of course, we got these sheets you see below. I don't know why but having lumber hanging out the back of a Tahoe only secured by a little string that can pop at any moment gives me anxiety for the entire 5 mile ride home. Josh spares me these details until I'm trapped in the situation with no other way home. And these are the flimsy sheets. Let's not talk about the 10 sheets of 50lb wood we bought as well. Thank you Lowes man and nice neighbors for helping Josh to load/unload that. We had one unfortunate accident where the piece fell on my foot and I was out of commission for the rest of the day. 

Also important to note in this picture above is the table saw. I finally got to use it! Not important to note is the state of my backyard. While it is most definitely the shadiest spot I've ever seen, you can swim in the leaves.... and the sawdust.

Anyway. Last week I left off with high hopes and dreams that we could fulfill some closet framing. So, let's start with where Josh started on Saturday. Here he is working on all those pretty little frame boxes that completely get covered up.

And then all those pretty little boxes got covered up with these heavy sheets of wood and then they all got caulked and here's where we end up. 

So in the photo above, that left little "cubby" is going to be where my dresses go, and the right side will be a double rack. And above will be shelving but I think we're waiting on doing something with the electrical. So obviously my heart is aflutter with just this much progress, but let me show you a sneak peek at the wall opposite. 

The wall in between these two has yet to be touched but I think that one will be easier but what do I know. The rest of the room is still looking like this. 

When I get back from bachelorette-ing, I am off for the week (#teacherperk) to hopefully knock out and then share paint on the walls, ceiling, and hopefully the closet. Also, I think I have something up my sleeve with regards to the turquoise beaded chandelier I so longingly adore. I really need to get to work on ideas for shades/curtains and artwork as well. Until then, I'll drink some margaritas and enjoy the bride-to-be! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge - Bedroom/Closet Week 2

Week 2's weekend consisted of a serious case of the lazies. And I'm starting to enter panic mode. Let me just tell you - I will be on a bachelorette party next weekend for FOUR days, and where will my hubs be for FIVE days the weekend before the big reveal? A bachelor party. Holy hangover. Terrible timing award goes to us.

BUT back to the present day... laziness = lots of online shopping. I decided on this pillow from H&M as my floral element for the room. It's got pink and black and even a touch of turquoise. And for $12.95 a piece, I bought two!

A little punch of turquoise will be a nod to my closet which I am DIY'ing a turquoise beaded chandelier.  My inspiration picture is something you probably all know clearly.

Doesn't everyone want one of these? I think I'm going to follow this tutorial with a few tweaks. You see, I already have this chandelier from Lowe's. It's a little bit twirly and swirly, but I think I can make it work. 

So, my idea is that I will follow that tutorial and buy some turquoise spray paint and call it a day. The holdup? It's currently hanging in the bedroom portion of our room, and without it - we can't see. This'll have to wait till closer to the end when we run electrical to the closet. 

And, my rug and my stencil came in!  Can't wait to see all of this fun stuff come together. 

I told you last week that we had already demo'ed the closet. This actually took J a couple weeks to do prior to the start of the challenge. We've got the demo done, and we installed some new wood planks in areas where there was only plywood. The smell of floor stain and polyurethane is forever embedded into my memory from when we did the whole house and staircase one short year ago. Hoping it fades quickly. Something we did accomplish this week was to partially frame out one of the closets. 

On to the demo story, shall we? So we ripped out two closets and that vanity and mirror. And half of that wall that you see to the right of the ladder. 

So once the vanity was out, we had to address that blue wood. Blue wood? J started installing new planks. 

Add installing hardwoods to our resume. Check! 

Alas, the demo is complete. Doesn't it look like the home to a new fireplace? 

So we got started on framing out the closets. And by started, I mean these pictures worth of progress and 2 scary rides home from lowes in a Tahoe with wood sticking out the back and string holding the lift gate down. Is that even legal!? Anxiety through the lift gate roof I tell ya. 

Basically, I feel like this week we moved like snails. And since we're keeping it real... I thought it was fitting to show you how un-progressed the bedroom portion is looking. Yep, you can make a dust angel.

Does anybody in the neighborhood need to borrow a tool!? What about a paper shade? 

We're crossing our toes and our arms that next week we have these closets mostly framed and on their way to something you can walk in without tracking dust throughout the house. Dust this severe gives me a serious case of the eye rolls. Thanks mom and dad for the shop vac! See ya next week, friends! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Room Challenge - Bedroom/Closet Week 1

Hi friends! I'm so happy to be back doing the One Room Challenge. If you want to see what room I made-over last time, you can go here. Since that challenge ended four crazy months ago, we tackled another room - our living room! If you want to see that, you can go here.  We've been in serious anticipation of April 3. I love how quickly 6 weeks goes by when you have something to look forward to/something to accomplish. Yep, I'm officially crazy!

If you're new here, we are in the middle of a full house, top to bottom renovation. Admittedly, I had hoped we would be on to doing our main floor bathroom by now but our rest time got the best of us and we have decided to do another bedroom/closet makeover. Construction seems to be a running theme for these challenges for us. 

So, the room we decided to do is our front bedroom - the third one downstairs and the last one (!!!!) that needs to be done. Once we're finished, we'll have another guest bedroom and a walk-in closet that is mine all mine. It's got a whole nook thing going on right now that served its purpose of being a makeshift closet and vanity for the last year. In it's former life, it was a side porch. Oh, how I long for a front porch. By the end of this challenge, we will have officially been here one whole year. Celebration time. Party in my new closet!

Now, I love scallops as much as the next person, but on this mirror is not my idea of a good time. The contents of those drawers? Full of the previous owners beauty supplies and brushes. Gag! I'm not heartbroken in the very least bit to see all that demolished. 

As you can see, the floors weren't in terrible shape. We decided to refinish all of them before we moved in - now, they're a dark walnut.

Important to note is the fact that in this next photo - the doorway to the right of J's body - is being closed in. That is our living room and now there is a huge built in on the other side that blocks access. Not to mention, the flow was all wrong. It used to be you walk in the front door, you're in the living room, then you go through this doorway and you're in a bedroom. And that air conditioning unit you see built in to the wall to the left is gone. Hello central AC! Lots of drywalling to come - on our own again! 

Now for the inspiration. Engineer husband = Excel spreadsheet. What happens is I talk and talk and talk about what I want and then he snaps me to reality and says here is what you can get in that space. The space is 10x6 which sounds really large for a closet but those corners eat up a lot of dead space. 

Our loose interpretation for my future closet - because I needed a visual that didn't consist of rows and columns. Minus the lights to shine on my shoes. They aren't anything special. And if you compare this picture to the spreadsheet, you'll notice that we are doing way more hanging space. One thing I do have in mind is a turquoise beaded chandelier for my closet - look for that on my DIY list in the near future. And my closet will most likely be painted boring white.

Originally I was torn about what I wanted this room to be. I mean, do we really need two guest rooms? Regardless, I think I know what I want in terms of the look. Here we go! Excuse the cheesy bewitched font but I was feeling festive.

Bedroom Makeover

My board is like my closet picture, it's a very loose interpretation. Here are my definites:

1. That rug -  because I clicked the purchase button on that earlier this week
2. That stencil. I'm thinking one wall of that stencil will make me a very happy girl. The rest of the walls and ceilings will be painted white. Maybe a light hue on the ceiling?
3. Punches of copper. I bought some copper spray paint and I have a lamp and maybe a nick knack or two that will be getting a makeover.
4. Some things I have in my head are maybe a cornice board over the windows on the stencil wall? Floral is coming in some way, shape, or form (like it or not, Mom :). Oh, and the husband and I are going to attempt to make a light fixture that somewhat resembles an urchin.
5.  That huge mirror that was glued to the wall in the vanity area. Anyone notice? Is being framed out so I can have one of those massive floor mirrors for the bedroom space.
6. I have a black wrought iron bed and matching side table and a pink chair and table that I'm hoping will all fit as well.

Things that are going:

1. That whole nook area's contents. All demolished and a dusty mess! Ready for a new closet to reside. We also had to install a few new hard wood planks to match the rest of the flooring.
2. Just the paint colors.

I do hope you'll stick around to see what I come up with! Can't wait to shimmy on over to all the other participants and see their inspiration. Have a great Thursday, y'all!