Monday, September 30, 2013

Bead Board Complete

So the hallway is DONE! Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures to show you because its dark and rainy therefore dark and rainy looking in the hallway. But, let's just say that the chandelier has a new little twinkle.

I'm hoping to get some good pictures in the next few days. One of our projects for the weekend in order to finish this hallway - aside from the electrical - was to finish the bead board that runs along the stairs. 

After plenty of measurements, and precise drawing from Josh... (see the stairs drawn on the back?)

They now look like this... 

Like a breath of fresh air, right? New bead board, new baseboards, refinished stairs and floors, and a chair-rail to top it off. Hopefully I can show you the finished pictures soon! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday Night Fun

It's been a minute since we ventured into the middle bedroom. Our little friend, the desk, got painted to match his counterpart. 

Oh, and we bought a rug. A very cheap rug I might add. $40 for a 5x7. Yes please!

And that concludes my very boring post about our middle bedroom. 

In other news, there was more of the "hey do you see a wire?" fun in the hallway last night. I get bored stiff waiting for the wires to appear in the hole prior to me catching them. So I wrote this post while waiting.I was always operating under the misconception that little "behind the scenes/walls" things didn't take very long. However, some of the easiest sounding things like pulling wires through a wall, are the most time-consuming. To prove my point, here's a fun little time stamp. 

6:50pm: Me staring at the wall. Flashlight in hand. 

7:00pm: Josh scooting himself under the house all the way to this particular point in our hallway. Josh is then drilling holes under the house. Don't worry, I'm still standing. 

7:15pm: The wires are found.  Exhilarating, I know.  

7:20pm: Josh comes crawling back into my line of vision. 

Since there will be two light switches for the one chandelier, there are two spots that he has to run the wires. Right here I think he is nailing the wires into place underneath the house.

7:30pm: He scoots to his new spot under the house. He tries aimlessly for 10 minutes. There was lots of "do you see it now?" Me: "No". Over and over again. I now have a glass of wine in hand because obviously my side of the job is very stressful. (The second light switch is right next to the hole in the floor.)

7:45pm: Josh climbs out of the hole and goes on a hunt for his fish tape. Then I help him and 15 minutes later (and many comments about how we need to be more organized) its found. Josh climbs back into the hole.

8:05pm: Josh pops out again to take a work call.

8:15pm: "Mom, why is Dad down there in that hole?" Seriously, this is my entertainment.

8:30pm: With all wires pulled through their holes, we have this look of exhaustion. And the obvious need for a shower.

And that my friends is how our nights are spent in the Wiggins household. Well at least the 2 hours we devote to remodeling per night. Hard work pays off! Right?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Need for Navy

Excuse me while I picture vomit my current obsession with all things navy.



Notice the striped walls? So subtle. 

Sarah Richardson

Navy grasscloth instead of grey grassscloth for my dining room? There's a thought. 



Originally I thought my tiny bathroom would end up being navy blue with gold accents. However, I was having terrible flashbacks to what it looked like before. Yeah, that didn't work the first time so I knew it wasn't gonna work for me this go round. 

 For now, it's a fantasy. Anyone else on the navy blue bandwagon? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sparkle Sneak Peek

Chandelier time!!!... Almost. 

It was such a rainy weekend, so Josh wasn't able to get under the house to connect all the electrical to the switches. However, all the wires are ready to go up above. So just waiting on Mother Nature. Speaking of Mother Nature, this is how rainy of a weekend it was here. Go tigers!

If you guessed that I had picked the crystal chandelier, you would be correct! 

Josh may or may not have caught me standing in the hallway numerous times last night just staring at my new jewel. It was just the sparkle I needed in my life hallway. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodbye Blue Walls

When we were buying our house - I've told you this before - I just loved the hallway and the staircase. Something about it just caught my attention. Now that this space is almost complete, it makes me feel like we're actually accomplishing our vision for what we want this house to look like. Naturally, since the hallway connects almost every single room on the first floor, we feel a sense of accomplishment. I won't bombard you with my inspiration photos in this post because I have a whole lotta pictures to show you!

Much to my dismay, our new chandelier is not sparkling up the space yet. So the pictures are kinda dingy - they have a work light lighting up the space - and that's really the only light the hallway sees. I'm no professional photographer so I kinda had to take the attitude - you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Kindergarten lesson applied to real life.

So the first thing that needed to happen, was rip out that nasty blue wall covering. It took 3 contractor bags to haul all of it out. THE DUST.

While I was pulling all the blue covering off, Josh was removing baseboards. I definitely had the nastier job. Do you see all that fabric that comes off with the blue? Anyone know what the name of that is?

Here's the curved wall with no baseboards. 

There was lots of saw-action but most of it was done late at night. And it was a two person job so I didn't want another iron incident. No more hurting myself. Camera down. Fast forward past all the time-consuming boring cuts, and then its time to use some liquid nails to put up the sheet of beadboard. 

After the liquid nails, there's the actual nail gun. 

Then, you add/nail the baseboards and the chair-rail. Keeping in line with our old pink house, the walls aren't always straight. So, that makes the baseboard hanging very complicated. 

Making some progress... Notice the rug? Yay/nay?


Can't forget allllllll the caulking. 

See that long wall two pictures up? Well we had to make a cut for the outlet to come through. And that was the wall that gave us the most fits. Only because we haven't done the wall that is attached to the steps. 

And voila! All these pictures were taken at night for the most part. Sorry they're so blah.

Looking like a fancy wall all of a sudden.

Oh sheesh. Someone get this girl a broom. 

No matter what I did, there was always this weird light when I took pictures this way. Kinda creepy, huh?

You have probably long lost sight of what this hallway looked like to begin with. Well, here's a little reminder :)

Side by sides are my fave. Even if I have to make a horizontal picture vertical. Kinda looks like it belongs in a fun house. 

One more fun fact, to hang that big mirror, required this. My technique of "winging it" doesn't fly with Josh. Hello diagram. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lightening Up the Walls

The trim in the hallway was a 3 day affair - and I'm still not done with it. It all needs touch ups in certain areas, and its all "stand on the top of the ladder" type work. I'll get there. The first picture shows you how the trim used to look - you know, ivory.

This next picture shows you White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Our trim color throughout the house. 

Anyone notice a difference? Let's get up close and personal with the crown molding. Pretty, right?

That last picture really makes you appreciate crisp white paint. Anyone check out the ceiling? That's got to be painted as well and I think the energy for that won't be found for about a year. I mean, blue ceiling people? Really? To think that the ceiling, walls, and carpet was blue just

Then, it was time for wall paint. Notice the subtle difference in the new vs. old color. The old color is in the green family and my new color is all grey. It's Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. 

Well then, this started happening. (Notice the door isn't painted yet.) Are you over the beauty of the staircase yet? Me neither. 

That wall with the stairs attached to it is gonna be a tricky little monster. All those angled cuts are going to send Josh into overdrive. More on the beadboard tomorrow! I can promise you, its looking some good.