Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beating a dead horse

Since I'm obviously not over my brand new bathroom, we're taking another look at it today. This time, we'll be looking at all the actual work that went into it over our Labor Day weekend - which I am so thankful for! Most credit is for Josh. I spent most of my weekend reading The Maze Runner series. Good stuff.

Y'all know by now that I love a good photo story. It's easy to look at the finished product and think we just snapped our fingers and things were done. Trust me, that isn't the case as much as I wish it were. There are things you have to do that I never even thought went into putting a bathroom together. So here's my little "work" photo story.

First up, my job. Stain and poly this transition piece.

Josh, was sanding the corner of the wall so we could apply texture and paint.

And voila. This is after texturing.

Then there was tons of caulking.

Josh made a trip underneath the house to fix all this nasty plumbing.

Here's my talented little husband's after shot. 

Then there was the baseboard installation. Meet Josh's nail gun.

We had to drill a new hole for the light fixture. Meanwhile we patched the other one with new drywall - dry time = 5 hours. See the pink stuff in the second picture? That has to turn white before you do anything with it.

Can't forget Josh's beloved electrical work. 

In goes my light fixture!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the up close and personal I promised  yesterday. Gorgeous, right?!

This mirror, which is actually a medicine cabinet, installation was QUITE the ordeal. The wood that it was attached to before decided to crumble. So, Josh had to rebuild the entire inside of that hole in the wall.

The caulking really was never ending. It isn't pictured but we had to caulk all the baseboards and new door frames as well. Gotta make sure your bathroom is as moisture resistant as possible! Mold freaks this girl out.

Then, my gorgeous light fixture decided to have a limp on one side. We had to go to the store to get crazy glue to glue it back together. Call me crazy, but I think for a $100 light fixture, it shouldn't be broken upon installation! As you can see, my shade was installed as well. 

Can't forget the endless touch up painting I had to do. Like I said yesterday, worth.every.minute.

And now we are HERE. Ta-da!

Photo story almost over. In case all those work pictures just didn't make you want to trade your Labor Day holiday with us, I have some behind the scenes look at my disastrous backyard where all the labor took place. That's a mixture of paint and grout on the cement. Along with tools, weeds, and random objects. Tire anyone?

This is what happens when Josh gets busted using our nice white towels as clean-up towels. Here he is picking dried grout out of each one. :)

Time to get things going even further in the hallway. More on that this week!

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  1. Sorry about your towels!

    Blogless Peggy