Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday Night Fun

It's been a minute since we ventured into the middle bedroom. Our little friend, the desk, got painted to match his counterpart. 

Oh, and we bought a rug. A very cheap rug I might add. $40 for a 5x7. Yes please!

And that concludes my very boring post about our middle bedroom. 

In other news, there was more of the "hey do you see a wire?" fun in the hallway last night. I get bored stiff waiting for the wires to appear in the hole prior to me catching them. So I wrote this post while waiting.I was always operating under the misconception that little "behind the scenes/walls" things didn't take very long. However, some of the easiest sounding things like pulling wires through a wall, are the most time-consuming. To prove my point, here's a fun little time stamp. 

6:50pm: Me staring at the wall. Flashlight in hand. 

7:00pm: Josh scooting himself under the house all the way to this particular point in our hallway. Josh is then drilling holes under the house. Don't worry, I'm still standing. 

7:15pm: The wires are found.  Exhilarating, I know.  

7:20pm: Josh comes crawling back into my line of vision. 

Since there will be two light switches for the one chandelier, there are two spots that he has to run the wires. Right here I think he is nailing the wires into place underneath the house.

7:30pm: He scoots to his new spot under the house. He tries aimlessly for 10 minutes. There was lots of "do you see it now?" Me: "No". Over and over again. I now have a glass of wine in hand because obviously my side of the job is very stressful. (The second light switch is right next to the hole in the floor.)

7:45pm: Josh climbs out of the hole and goes on a hunt for his fish tape. Then I help him and 15 minutes later (and many comments about how we need to be more organized) its found. Josh climbs back into the hole.

8:05pm: Josh pops out again to take a work call.

8:15pm: "Mom, why is Dad down there in that hole?" Seriously, this is my entertainment.

8:30pm: With all wires pulled through their holes, we have this look of exhaustion. And the obvious need for a shower.

And that my friends is how our nights are spent in the Wiggins household. Well at least the 2 hours we devote to remodeling per night. Hard work pays off! Right?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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