Monday, September 16, 2013

Rug Runner or No Rug Runner

Rugs! I kinda like this guessing game. But if you're observant you may already know which rug I chose because I gave a sneak peak last week. I did not, however, put what color that rug will be. No need to go looking backwards, here is the one I chose.

Rugs USA
It's a charming little blue rug runner. So, why the need for the title of this post? Well, I just can't decide whether I want to keep it in the hall or not. It's almost like I'm having a conversation with myself since you have no visual of this rug existing in my hall, but I'll show you soon enough. Why buy a rug that I'm not sure if I will actual roll out? It was only $50. I figured it wouldn't be a total loss.

Why blue? Well I thought it would add some fun to the hall. Hallways are so boring sometimes. I really wanted a cool print in a color other than grey. With me? By cool print - I mean nothing too subtle.

Our hallway is 16 feet long. I think? At least that's what I remember. Most of the longest runners come in 2'4" x 9'11". Well even if you're no mathematician, that's a lot shorter than my hallway. After my rug runner research, I found out that you actually only want it to connect doorways. This'll make more sense once you see it. Plus, there's our staircase that kinda gets in the way. So, if the rug were longer - it would have to zigzag around the hallway and last time I checked, rugs don't zigzag.

As an aside, if you click on the link up there to my rug - you will notice that the rug is now on "closeout" in the size I bought for $73. Um, I got it cheaper? There are alllll kinds of articles out there about how Rugs USA has jacked up pricing schemes. While I was on the website, I figured I'd add a few more that caught my attention... all from RugsUSA.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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