Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hallway Floors

So remember all this business?

That business now looks like this business. 

And in reality, it doesn't look like any of those pictures anymore. More progress coming for you tomorrow.

One of our biggest regrets, is not staining the hallway sooner. You see, the floor was already sanded from when we rented the sander back in April. So we've been walking/spilling/dirtying-up perfectly vulnerable wood flooring. So when we went to stain it, a lot of the imperfections really showed their ugly faces. You live you learn. One thing I'm not regretting is the stain we chose. I love it a little more every single day. As for that hole in the floor/plank of wood - it's here to stay for a while folks so close your eyes and pretend it isn't there  like I do! 

Doesn't it look so dark and dingy and depressing in those pics? Bright sunshine and happiness coming your way soon! :)

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