Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Love with Lighting

It's hallway week! Hopefully we can get our lighting up before the end of the week. The hold-up is the old electrical that Josh is replacing. Regardless, I will show you the hallway at some point this week because I am so.excited.

When it came to our lighting for the hallway, I went back and forth, back and forth. You see, this light will be visible from the dining room, so I didn't want it to completely different (in a bad way). I wanted them to compliment each other. Thus, I went back and forth between what style I should get. Something I now know about myself, is that I am ob-sessed with light fixtures - particularly chandeliers. Who isn't? Here are a few of my contenders.

There really are no words for how I feel about this first chandelier. I mean.

Shades of Light

I don't know what it is about this little light, but something just screamed HELLO! Look at me! when I saw it. While I'm not sure if black is the color for the hallway, it surely would compliment darker colors that will be making an appearance in other areas of our house.
Home Depot
Keeping in the same family.


Something funky?


Then, I floated on over to the crystal love affair.

Pottery Barn
Shades of Light

Which one is your favorite?!

There were so many factors to consider when I purchased one of these beauties. Did I need to have a flush-mount, semi-mount, full on chandelier, or what?! Would Josh hit his head if we ended up getting a chandelier? Would it be too bulky? Hopefully it'll be sparkling in my hallway soon enough :)

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