Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Room Challenge --- Week 4

Welcome back to our guest bedroom/closet makeover! I am officially exhausted from my bachelorette partying weekend and when I finally slept all that off - I freaked out and made a to-do list on my phone on Monday night at 9:55pm. Here's what that looked like.

I didn't sleep so good on Monday night. Technically, we have one week from today to finish this because Josh is going on a bachelor party for pretty much Week 6's entirety. The problem comes in because I don't know how to install baseboards. All construction must be done before he leaves. Anyone doubting us?? Well, I may have threatened that he can't go on the bachelor party until this is finished so for some reason I have absolutely zero doubts. 

Well since that Monday night panic attack, I am happy to say that we punched a few of these major things off the list by some miracle:

1. Drywall mudding is done
2. Walls and ceiling are painted (except where the wall still needs to be textured)
3. All electrical is run - for outlets and fixtures
4. Started stenciling
5. More progress was made on the closet - (I can not get in this closet soon enough!!!)

But, let's start with my most favorite thing this week. I hit the jackpot on accessories at TJ Maxx on Tuesday. Pink = rug for the closet (how many pink rugs is too many?!). The black pillow (there are 2 of them) and the mint pillow are finishing touches for the bed. 

Haha :) 

And, these little cuties got a pop of copper! 

Since I would be a major failure without giving a huge shout-out to my husband coming home to work on "my room" for me 4 hours after work each day, let's take a little look at some of the construction. 

I was beyond excited to finally close in that doorway. (Side note, check our the blue ceiling.) The drywall was almost all the way up... 

Until we had to rip it out to put in a stud. And up it goes once again.

Then it was time to mud it in.

I never really noticed how yellow the walls looked before. I kept feeling like the word "Tuscany" was coming at me from every angle.

Then it was time for a little electrical to be run. 

Anyone want to scrub all this dust out of the wood floors for me? Nothing like drilling a new outlet and hitting a stud. Add that to list of things to patch!

Making a light switch for my new turquoise beaded chandelier that has yet to be made!

Lastly, here's a little sneak at our new white walls and ceiling! Can't wait to show you what the room looks like all white and sparkly. (Notice no more baby blue ceiling!!)

It's amazing how much bigger the room feels now that that doorway is closed in. Follow me on Instagram if you wanna see some stenciling sneaks! Hope everyone has a great weekend --- my momma and I are off to New Orleans today for a little shopping :) 


  1. Wow that's a lot of work! Can't get over it. And, when you love something, it's never enough!! Pretty rug ;-)

  2. That is a very ambitious to do list but it looks like things are coming along. Cute pillows!

  3. Great finds at the Maxx! Love that place! And how great are our husbands for going a long with our crazy schemes?!

    1. I know, right?! Pink, pink, and more pink + a hint of mint and he doesn't bat an eye :)

  4. I can NOT believe how much you guys have done! You're in the final stretch! I know you'll get it all done and it will be fabulous! I'm kind of freaking out a bit too, if that makes you feel any better.


  5. So much progress! I can't wait to see your ideas come together in the reveal!!

  6. Looks awesome. Drywall and electrical are done? You're on the home stretch. Yes, partying in ATX will tire you out. Why is his bachelor party so much longer??

  7. Last week I totally had a dream that my fiance was building us a new closet just like yours. :) You have gotten so much done! The white makes a huge difference. Love it!

    1. You totally need one! I'm dreaming over here too girl - wishing these next 2 weeks just zoom on by :)

  8. I love the rug and accessories! Looks great - can't wait to see the big reveal!

  9. You have made great progress! I can't wait to see it finished!

  10. Love the help! And the copper … one of my favorite finishes!

  11. Your husband is such a keeper! The white paint has made such a huge difference already! Can't wait to see it once you get all of your furniture and those great accessories into the space!

  12. I wish my husband could do that. The adorable dog photo-bomber is always a happy shot. Good luck, you are on a short timetable.

  13. I can't believe all the hard labor u guys are handling! Looks great! Also, love your fabric and pillows (and cute doggie)!

  14. You two are such a great team, I can't believe how much you've gotten done. Hang in there, so close now!!

  15. Wow what a great hubby you have! I asked mine to just help me hang a chandelier and I totally got the stink eye. Amazing how much work you two are doing. Good luck - we're in the homestretch now!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches