Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Room Challenge --- Week 5

Y'all. I can't even lie - this week was like a big come to Jesus meeting. Me, Josh, and all the work we had to do had to sit down and make a plan. If you remember from last week, we had a laundry list of items to complete. We totally went crazy.... with wine in hand.... and stayed up super late each night with alarms set in the 5:00 hour for work the next morning. All totally worth it! I'm so excited to be able to show you some pretty pictures instead of pictures of table saws and saw dust.

1. Josh sprayed texture on the doorway we closed in. Then he sanded it and dust got EVERYWHERE in my entire house... at which point I threw a major hissy fit and that's when the wine was poured. I finished painting the room White Dove by BM. Can you even tell that there was a doorway along that white wall?? Props to my amateur drywaller husband.

2. I started and almost have completed the wall stencil. We also hung the faux wood blinds.

I took this one this morning. Still need to do up top. And still need to paint the trim.

3. DIY'ed my turquoise beaded chandelier from an old light fixture that was hanging in this old pink house.

So this is the light fixture before. I removed the glass and am actually using it to put a candle in for the room. 
Then, I shared this picture on IG. Basically, I took apart the chandelier, spray painted some Mardi Gras beads, and hot glued them into place. 
Total cost of the project: $15 - only had to buy the spray paint and beads! Yes, I live in Louisiana and don't ever keep my beads from Mardi Gras. You'll get to see the finished beauty next week. 

4. Finished the closet!!! And I got mostly everything primed. Then, Josh trimmed out all of the shelves and cubbies. Cannot wait to play in this closet!

5. Josh installed the baseboards! They're all caulked and ready to be painted.

6. I ordered curtain panels for the room. Hoping they're in by the weekend so I can add some trim :)

7. Since I don't have enough to paint, I have decided to make a little art for the walls using ANOTHER stencil. Crazy, crazy pants. 

8. All the electrical is complete. See those outlets on the wall? No more wires hanging out. 

Left to do:

 - Paint, paint and more paint. Namely: the entire closet, the baseboards, all the trim, and touch up the stencil wall. I'll be the crazy lady with the paintbrush. 
- Hang the poles in the closet. Is that what they are called?
- Frame the oversized mirror and paint it
- Set up the bed
- Trim curtains and hang them
- Accessorize! 

The only thing we don't see happening that we have on our wish list is adding the crown molding to our closet to give it the finished look. (Josh is on a friend's bachelor party today-Monday) But, you never know! Thanks for following along - hope to see you back next week for the big reveal!

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  1. Love the walls....looks like you are on plan....looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Love the walls. That stencil is amazing. And I cannot wait to see your chandelier. I have a ton of Mardi Gras beads I could have sent you...even though I never keep mine either. Luckily, they are easy to find in Mobile year round. :)

  3. Your wall looks great! I really like the pattern. Your closet is awesome too - it looks like you have an amazing storage setup in there :) Good luck in the final week - I can't wait to see the final result.

  4. The walls are looking fantastic. You are in the home stretch girlfriend!

  5. I love all of your projects this week! I need to know more about that stencil lady!

  6. I CANNOT believe how much you've done. The stenciling is amazing, backbreaking work, but amazing. Strong work!

    1. Thanks girl! I can't believe the work that we did either. Hoping to gain some energy to get through the rest!

  7. Can I come over and have cocktails in your closet when it's done? It's going to be outstanding! Loving the stencil!

    1. That's the whole reason I'm putting a rug in there. Party in the closet!

  8. I love, love, love the stenciled wall! And I love the turquoise and can't wait to see the chandelier! Your reveal is going to be awesome! I am feeling ya on the painting {staining for me}!

    1. Thanks Summer! The chandelier is almost finished and I cannot wait to hang it!! Hoping to catch my second wind soon. Every time I look towards my paintbrush, I find something better to do! :)

  9. Oh my gosh that stencil- I love it!! I'm so excited I found your blog; the stuff you guys are doing looks amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Eris, Loving all the progress and your DIY! Can't wait to see your big reveal! A few more days, we got this!