Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Too good not to share

This past weekend was one of those weekends that had me in the best mood. Right now, at this very moment, I'm still smiling about how much fun and how rewarding it was. This past Friday was just too much fun not to blog about it. One of my favorite people graduated from LSU and I just love all the pictures that we took! Congrats Libby, we're so blessed to have you in our lives! And thanks for all the photos :)

Another project we started, once we recovered... MUCH to my mom's delight.... is our landscaping adventure. All I'm saying is, someone should've bought this girl a hedge trimmer a long time ago. Who knew that thing was so much fun?! Beware.. overgrown might just be an understatement! Here's a tiny glimpse of what's going on in the backyard. Sunday we did so much work back here and it shows! Can't wait to show you what things are looking like later on. Before....

It was such gorgeous weather this weekend and that made being outdoors so nice. While I'm busy landscaping, planting, etc.... Josh's next project is to build us some outdoor furniture. You know, because I suggested a set to him and he replied "I can build that". So there's that. Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. It's my last week of work for the school year... cheers to that!!

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  1. I agree, this is the kind of experience that can give anyone that feel-good vibe any day. But before anything else, congratulations to Libby! I wish her success in her professional life. As for your landscaping project, how is it? I hope it’s shaping well according to your plan. Have a good day!

    Mark Taylor @ Hampton Roads Landscaping