Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one that I remember quite clearly from when we lived in our first house. Extreme laziness! Well, I did paint a wall. I didn't do that in my other house. I never lifted a paint brush in that house now that I think about it. But what I'm really feeling today is lethargic. I mean when you do nothing all weekend, you really feel it come Monday/Tuesday. I can.not.get.going. And then we ate this, so now I'm super dehydrated.

But it was so worth it. Living in Louisiana doesn't get any better than this time of year. Crawfish + king cake. As far as the wall goes, I will post more on that later. But remember when I was trying to decide on the perfect navy and I mentioned wanting an accent wall? Maybe not. Nevertheless, here's a little sneak peek at how it's coming. Keep in mind, this is only one coat. Elizabeth I totally took your recommendation, and I am l-o-v-i-n-g it. It's Old Navy by Ben Moore. 

Let's not forget I was home for THREE days last week from work because of these conditions. Don't laugh. I literally didn't go outside because I slipped once on the ice and busted it the week before. And J laughed at me. Not good for anyone. 

What do me and J do to add to our laze-fest? Play super Mario world of course. You know you're jealous! 

Something else we did this weekend was start planning for our new closet that we will be putting in our front bedroom. I really want to think this one through because this will be my closet. And eventually, I'd have to share it with a future kid. Anyone have any major closet dos and donts? I'll share what we are thinking for the footprint very soon. Here's a reminder of the space. That area with the vanity and closet doors will be a whole lotta closet heaven. 

Oh AND our cabinet hardware for our built ins will be in on Wednesday night, so I pinky promise I will be showing you my living room all sparkly and new by Friday!!! Pressure is on for me to finish a few odds and ends. 


  1. Good for you to take a weekend off. I love that color you painted. The ice is so dangerous. I almost slipped today....and I laughed :)

    1. It makes me feel better that even those accustomed to snow and ice lose their balance some times! :)