Sunday, May 26, 2013

Closing Day!

Do you ever get something on your mind and you can' That's me with the idea of moving. We purchased our first cookie-cutter home in June of 2011, and it was turn-key and just what we needed at the time. Fast forward almost two years, I'm bored to tears with my perfect-at-the-time home. After many MANY nagging comments to my husband, I finally got him to say yes to the idea of moving. Naturally, I already had my eyes on quite the gem - a sweet pink gemWithin one week, we had our house up for sale, SOLD, and a purchase agreement on our new house. Sounds perfect, right? One little catch.... we have to completely renovate our *new* house from top to bottom... ;-) Here we are on the day of closing on March 28, 2013. Ready to start our new adventure!  
Look at those optimistic, happy faces...

Last but not least, here she is - the pink house! - our pink house. She's been pink for 50 years and she's about to get a fabulous facelift.
Isn't she gorgeous? Screens, overgrown bushes, and all? So excited to see how she turns out :)
Did I mention it was also our anniversary? What a perfect gift for our first anniversary. I'd say this takes the first anniversary gift of paper to a whole new level - thank you Josh! Imagine what we talked about over dinner :)
Cheers to a new year of marriage, a new-to-us home, and many first adventures!

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