Friday, May 31, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

A grey house. I wanted a grey house with black shutters and white trim. You can picture it, right? So can I... on the house next door. On to plan B. But, before we get to what colors I chose, does anyone notice the overgrown shrubs? Screens? BARS on the windows? How about that window unit poking out front and center? The list obviously goes on and on... and on. Hey, at least the wreath is cute.
First on the list, my mom and dad came over to help clean out my flowerbeds. They did this all by themselves. SO thankful. Here's a few of the bags they put out by the road. 
And this picture doesn't even begin to show the transfomation.

As for the window unit in the front of our house, Josh pulled it out and it left us with this big hole in the front bedroom/front of our house. The picture below makes me chuckle every time. Can you see him? Haha :) 
Josh pulled some boards off of our shed to put on the front of the house. Looks like it was always like that, right? That's what we were going for. Minus the mildew look.

After this, I became very anxious about getting our house cleaned and painted. There's something about driving up to a house with a good feeling - at the least, a smile. Pink wasn't doing it for us. So when the painter showed up the first day, I was so ready to see the difference. As luck would have it, it rained... and rained. Our house did get clorox'ed in the meantime. So we lived with this look for a week. It's not that bad, I know.

I knew the decision we made for a paint color would be a big decision. It's not something you change when you're in the mood for something new - at least not in our case. In the end, I got a very grey-looking house. However, it's green-ish khaki in person. And, I still got my black shutters and white trim. Isn't it adorable? We think so. The best part about the new paint color is all the neighbors stopping to thank us for finally painting "the pink house". I love that everyone else in our neighborhood, as well as our family and friends, are excited to see the progress.

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  1. Just found your blog yesterday. Totally love your LR and DR! I'm starting at the beginning and reading all your posts. What is the color of the paint you used on the outside of the house? We chose a Sherwin Williams color called "Totally Tan," a few years back, and it is hideous! Somewhere between butterscotch and spoiled orange juice, that glows in the afternoon sun. The swatch is lovely, but the paint is not. It's time to paint again, and I want gray. Hope you will share. Blogless Peggy,