Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Move In Day

After one final goodbye, we locked up on our first needs-no-work home and were ready for closing the next day. Those were some sleepy faces... and in my case - no make-up, and apparently the brush was already packed up as well.  
We couldn't wait to get the closing on our house done so we could concentrate on our pink house. Here's a little glimpse at how moving weekend went. Josh and I pretty much moved all the "stuff" ourselves. Then, we enlisted the help of my brother and a friend. Thank you Ross!
We kind of just threw things around because we were so tired. One thing to be updated immediately were the appliances. Here's the before and after:
and another close-up... (don't worry you'll see the entire kitchen soon enough :) Anyone know the year on this thing?
and the after...
While the new appliances made things better, it certainly wasn't all peaches and roses. Is that a saying? Anyway, in the picture below, look in the window. There was one of those in every room. Yep, you guessed it, no central AC.
Due to the amount of projects we have on our plate and Josh's busy work schedule, it wasn't feasible for us to install the AC ourselves. Not for lack of Josh's trying to convince me :). Talk about a happy camper when I saw this.
The bottom level of the house is now fully air conditioned! Now if we could only do something about the curb appeal :)

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  1. I think the stove that came with the house could be from the 80's. The new one looks much better!
    Blogless Peggy