Monday, May 27, 2013

Refinishing Wood Floors... and the dust that comes with it

Honestly, when we bought our house, as much as I loved the area, street, overall charm of the idea of a new-to-us old house - it was very overwhelming. There is so much that you want to do all at once. Your mind starts to drift from one room to the next and you have all these ideas that it's hard to keep all your ideas together! Insert Pinterest... about 1000 times a day... A girl can dream right :)

Speaking of charm, one of the major selling points on this house was that it had the original hardwood flooring and an upstairs. I grew up in a house with an upstairs - something about it just screams "home" to me. Naturally our Josh's first big DIY project had to be refinishing those beauties. I should say Josh and his dad's big DIY project - he was a big help! All I really knew about refinishing flooring is the color I wanted. Sanding, polyurethane, DUST - what's all that about? So, I ignored all those details and moved on to what I liked most. Here we are testing out stains...

Needless to say, we didn't go with either of those choices ;-) But there's a good shot of the flooring before. Don't worry, we'll get to those pink walls soon enough :) Noticing a trend with the pink yet?
Here is a shot of one of the rooms before. Oh, how could I forget. What was on top of these wood floors for 30+ years you ask? That would be wall to wall blue carpeting. Who filled in the nail holes? That would be yours truly.
Enter the sander. Isn't it crazy how just one pass with that big contraption can do that to the floor? Obviously, I don't know the correct terminology here.
Oh yeah, if you were wondering about that dust. The picture says it all. GROSS!! No worries, those bad boys are getting ripped out as well.
Then, I left for a little hiatus called a bachelorette party for my sweet friend Sarah. Yay!
Meanwhile, Josh was at the house. When I returned, every room looked like this. Fab, right?
In the end, we chose "Dark Walnut" for our floors. LOVE it! And, the after.
And voila! I will never forget the hard work that went into this project... and that's not only attributed to the stain/poly smell that won't leave my clothes. Thank you Josh for working while I was lounging by the pool and celebrating :) We finished these two days before move in - just in the knick of time.

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