Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A lot of you have told me that you have trouble commenting on my blog. Do any other bloggers have this problem with their readers? Anyway, I thought I'd put together a little how-to and see if that alleviates a few questions. Mom, will you try this?

Ok, so the first thing you do is scroll to the end of the post you are reading. Click on the little spot that says "No comments" (#sadface).

When you click on "No Comments", this pops up. 

Now, you have choices.  Click on the drop down menu that says "Comment as". Most likely you will post under Name/URL unless you have a Google account. 

Once you select Name/URL, you will see this pop up. 

This is your cue to fill in your name. You can leave the URL blank unless you have a blog that you write as well. So, if you have no blog affiliated with yourself, it should just look like this. 

Then, you press continue. Now I'm/you're ready to post a comment. Type where you see "enter your comment..." 

 Then you press "Publish". Then it'll ask you to type in some words and numbers to make sure you aren't spamming me.

Press Publish again and this is what comes up. A COMMENT! And I do a little happy dance. 

This post may have been very boring for you - but the truth is, with all the time we spend on this house and blog, I love to see a little blurb from one of you at the end of my posts sometimes. Even if you hate what we are doing/did to our house. 

Anyone try this? Work/not work? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. So proud of my daughter for taking this hugh project on! Have to say, while she may have learned some decorating tips from me,she most certainly has the "crafty" diy side all on her own!!

  2. I am enjoying your blog; had to go back to the beginning to see everything! I've posted comments here and there as I go through the posts. Your husband is quite talented with the not so glamorous parts of home reno.
    And you have terrific taste. Can't wait to see how it ends! Bet you can't either. :-)