Monday, October 14, 2013

Wainscoting Bliss

So, I'm not going to show you the whole room.
  1. Because it isn't finished yet. Not even close. 
  2. Because I want to share that on Thursday along with all the other One Room Challengers. 
But, let me just say... I LOVE where this wainscoting is headed. Josh completely understands how I want each wall to look and he's done a great job so far in making it happen. He did a "sample wall" to show me what it would look like completed and I got very giddy. I'll share the sample wall with you today... The only thing that's missing is paint! 

We had such a great weekend of productivity. My to-do list for this week is to go buy paint for the wainscoting, fabric shop!, and maybe even put together my art work for the dining room. I have a busy week ahead.

Before all that, let's look at my highlight from last weekend. Remember I said I had a special visitor? So glad you came to visit S!

Have a great Monday!!

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