Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Middle Bedroom Updates/Weekend Glimpse

Seriously, Friday can not come any sooner. This girl is ready for a break! Any other teachers reading that are ready for their holiday?!

Anyway, this past weekend we continued to finish up a bunch of unfinished projects. This made me some kinda happy. We're still lingering on the baseboards in our master bedroom, but those should be complete by tomorrow-ish. Forewarning: these before pictures are disturbing. 

See, I told you. And I lived with that for 8 months. 

Alright so then they started to go in. And then they got caulked and wood puttied and a bunch of other steps that make every process very time consuming. It's so funny, you think - oh we'll put in new baseboards and it'll be so quick and easy (and it is) but then you have to factor in a bunch of steps that you don't even think about and before you know it - poof! the day is over. And don't even get me started on the mess. 

And NOW! 

Remember when I mentioned gas lines last week? Exhibit A. We had to cut a hole our baseboards to accommodate this little guy because Josh said it would be too much to disconnect the gas line. It doesn't bother me too much though. 
Not to mention, all the random holes that had to be patched in the walls. I know, I can't make this stuff up. Like we bought a house that needed some serious TLC. But thank you husband for the new electrical. 

Seriously, those spots up there - outlets. 

And they are all patched and back in place happily. Oh, and surprise! Drop cloth curtains finished!!! Stripes all around. 

And this little humpty dumpty is all put back together again. 

This room still has a long way to go. Right now it makes me yawn. I would much rather walk by it and stop in my tracks. Do other people feel like that about their rooms/houses or am I alone in that? Like I want every single room to be a page out of House Beautiful. And I want it now - thanks Mom :)

Oh, and I posted this on insta over the weekend. Another little jewel of an update. 

I hope everyone had a great Monday and Tuesday! Two more work days for me and I'm off for the holidays!!!! 



  1. The base looks phenomenal! I completely agree with your sentiment, I want jaw dropping in my house too ;)

    1. Thanks so much!! Just put the final coat of paint on the new base in the other bedroom. Love checking things off the list! One step closer to jaw dropping, right? :)

  2. It looks lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Traci! Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!

  3. Great work! I especially love the striped curtains.