Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to the small stuff... For now

As much fun as it has been waving my magic wand and giving you a dining room to look at for the past few weeks, it's back to reality friends. We've got so many odd jobs to complete around here, but we're ready to knock them out super fast so we can get on to the living room. It's the little things, right?

For instance, I neglected to tell you about our small bathroom toilet debacle. Because who wants to hear about that when there is wainscoting to build? Well, just so you know, upon tightening something to put the toilet in place, it cracked. Yep, shortly after I showed you my reveal picture here. Womp womp. I saved you all from my disappointment. I've been living for two entire months without a toilet in that bathroom. I know, hard times. Don't fret too much. It's fixed. And by fixed I mean we bought a new toilet and it's finally in. Yep, that was task 1 of the weekend. I'll save you from pictures of that.

Next up, we've got holes in our walls every where. Why? Because when we go out with the old electrical, the new that comes in isn't always the same size. Or, we pull out gas lines. Or, there's just random outlets where they don't need to be so we patch those up and make them vanish. I know, totally boring. Most of them are completely patched and ready for paint.

Next order of business. A margarita. Can you get through the weekend without one?

Then, Josh asked me the million dollar question. What would you like for me to do this weekend? Since we aren't on a jet to Miami like we were at this time last year, I guess I will have to settle for my answer of "baseboards". And baseboard he did. Every room in this old house has dis-gusting baseboards. Like the kind with surface mold. More on that later this week. We're hoping to get our bedroom and our middle bedroom aka the guest bedroom done this week. 

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday. So I embraced the outdoors for a bit. Did a little walking and some satsuma picking. Hoping to have a positive, fun-filled Vitamin C week. 

Oh, and maybe I'll FINALLY get around to painting my other drop cloth curtain. Why is it that some projects are just so hard to finish? Happy Monday friends!


  1. That sounds like a good weekend to me. Margaritas and baseboards. :) Right up my alley.