Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Teaser

So since we've been in the construction phase for the entire 5 weeks of posting for the One Room Challenge, I'm playing catch-up with all the other participants and giving little sneak peeks this week. After all, it's got to be boring seeing construction paper on the ground and ripping wallpaper off the walls.

Remember I told you yesterday that I was going to be going shopping? Well, shopping I did and successful I was. My Mom and I shopped and found some true gems. The room looks so good. I still have to make two floral arrangements, but that's my afternoon task and then I will be d.o.n.e.

Throughout this post, if you look close enough, you will see:
- a peek at my Roman shades
- a peek at my bar cart
- a peek at my table and chairs
- a peek at my rug
- wallpaper (that you saw yesterday)
- a peek at our brand new windowsill built by my hubs

Here's one of my gems I found yesterday. I like to call it my "Beauty and the Beast" piece. 

I mean. Could you die? While I had it lit, I was closely monitoring it because good Lord if that sconce would've set my wallpaper on fire... I can't even think about it. 
P.S. That pillow does not belong there - it belongs in the living room but I was getting a visual for a pillow there and I decided against it. 

What do you think?! 

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