Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picking Paint Colors

Pink pink pink. Everywhere I look is pink. So, where do I begin when my master bedroom is pink? With paint. I knew exactly what I've been wanting for my master bedroom color because I've had the bedding for a year now. In our first house, the walls just never really went. They were a greenish khaki color - that too, were everywhere. Haven't people ever heard of a little variety? Here's my bedding. If you look closely, you can see a greek key pattern in the background. That's the curtains. I really wanted to pull out the grey/blue tones of the bedding versus the brown. I'm so over brown. Brown feels so traditional to me. While this bedding is more on the traditional side, I wouldn't describe myself as liking traditional decor. I'm more of the light and bright type.
Not to mention, my actual duvet is pale blue.
Here is the room. The pink was more along the lines of mauve. I can picture really old mauve carpetting to go along with it. Oh wait, that used to be on top of those wood floors. The paint was SO THICK and dark that when I chose a really light color, I knew I was in for it.
Here is Josh laying down the plastic drop cloth for me. This is where it ended for him. At the time, he was still sanding floors.
 So, I started priming. Priming is way more intense than painting. It's so thick and it doesn't really cover very evenly. At least not in my case. If you get headaches easily, wear this cute mask.
I primed and primed until the room looked like this. It's crazy just to see the room with a lighter, fresh coat. Fun fact - this is the only room I used tape. Thanks to this guy. A little thing called an edger. Godsend.
Here (below) is the front bedroom downstairs. It's got this really big space that consists of two closets and that vanity/dressing area. Another fun fact - it used to be a porch. Not really digging the scalloped flourescent lighting and the old smell of the drawers, but haven't really worked up a solution for all that just yet. Being that it is the biggest storage section of our house, it is now what I call home to my wardrobe :)

Okay back to the paint samples. The first paint sample is for the front bedroom pictured above. I'm thinking of going with a burlap-y/white look. Does that make sense? It'll be cute, I promise. After all, I can't have all the bedding and drapes competing with my clothes :)
Chamois by Benjamin Moore.  

Sweet Spring by Benjamin Moore. I have to admit I wasn't sold right away. But, seeing it in the whole room now, it's my favorite paint color I've picked thusfar.

Okay, okay. Here is one sneak peek. This is the middle bedroom downstairs. On the left you see yellow walls. That was before. After, you see my new pretty whitish green neutral color to go along with the white bedding. I think its a perfect color that'll blend with anything. In the picture it looks almost grey, but it's really like a green misty color. Josh is working on changing out that ceiling fan for me.
Okay, and one more. Here is my master bedroom color. Sorry about the random vaccuum in the middle of the picture.

I still have lots more paint colors to pick. Next up will be the hallway paint color. Then, I have the living and dining rooms... after they get dry-walled. Isn't it amazing how much better rooms look with a fresh coat of paint? It sure does make this little heart happy.


  1. Brittany CancienneJune 5, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    I am thoroughly enjoying watching this transformation! Having just done alot of this myself, I know how much of a difference paint and re-done wood floors can do to a house. And please don't mistake that last sentence to mean that I was nearly as brave as you and Josh! I definitely watched the transformation as my painters and floor guy did the work. After painting one house before, that was enough to last me a lifetime! And don't worry about the "old smell" after everything is done and the paint smell goes away(a couple of months)the old smell comes back....just compliment it with a fresh clean air freshner. I use the "febreeze with gain" air freshners. Something about the combination of the two smells just feels welcoming and "homey". It's kind of weird but we always get compliments on the smell of our house!....Just a little input from an "old home" owner!:)

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying it. So sweet of you to leave me a comment! And thank you so much for the advice! Its those old cabinets that really carry the smell. Gross! I will definitely have to try it :)