Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Fun.. Wallpaper and Electrical

I did it! The wallpaper in the hallway is down! After three days of scoring, spraying, scraping, and mess, I am done! I finished very late last night and Josh kept turning the electricity off for electrical purposes so I only got one picture. Oh, here I am in action scraping the wallpaper.
I know you're probably wondering about that wallpaper under the wallpaper. They didn't get all the previous wallpaper off before adding new wallpaper. Sigh.
Yay!! If you're wondering about that blue wallpaper on the bottom half, it comes off in one huge strip. It's actually not wallpaper. I don't know what the name of it is. We'll save that mess for another day. Looks different, right?

Here's a reminder of what it looked like before.
After a full day Saturday of scraping wallpaper, we walked down the street to get a snowball. I love having a snowball stand on our street :) We decided to let Charles have a bite. He hated it!
Back to business. Josh had quite a busy weekend "mapping out electrical" (that's what he says and I don't know any other phrase for it haha). He pretty much sat and drew all day Saturday... along with about a thousand trips up the stairs and out of the house to turn the breaker on and off.. on and off. Sunday, he started working on the middle bedroom downstairs.
Here he is prying the baseboards off to see if something or other is under there... I'm guessing a wire. I forgot what he told me :)
And a lesson learned with how fragile our sheetrock is...
 Then he went back through that hole in our hallway. Which by the way, will be patched next weekend and stained next week!!!!!!! Two months of walking on unfinished flooring is no fun. See some of the wallpaper mess still on the other side?
I'm no electrician, or engineer, but I say these next before and after shots are pretty cool. Here is some of the old wiring that he took out. Scary looking!
A lot of the improvements that Josh did this weekend aren't always visible or glamorous, but they will update the house tremendously. I mean, who wants old wiring? As for me, I'm all about aesthetics. But, I'm very appreciative of all the thought he puts into making our home safe... it's not getting any younger :)

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