Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Update

I really need a more clever title for these built in updates. Maybe I can just start numbering them and we can see how many posts I can do about our built ins rather than consolidating them into one?! What fun would that be to consolidate?! None at all. We'll call this built in update #2. Let's see what we conquered over the weekend. For starters, there is a fireplace installed, supported, and framed! That's actually not the starter, that's the finale. But, along with that, Josh did lots of cable & internet hook-ups throughout the house. So, we knew we wanted all the wires hidden obviously - so he went ahead and made new electrical outlets & cable & internet hook-ups behind the built in - but why stop there? We also have these neat little gadgets in all the bedrooms downstairs now.

So, the first thing we did was take the fireplace out of the box and set it up so we can see what the dimensions would be. Or at least I that's what I was doing - making sure it made sense as the future centerpiece of the room. I have to say, for an electrical fireplace, this little cutie really impresses me!

Then Josh installed everything on the supports - and began to frame where the mantle and TV will be. His dad dropped by to help too :) 

Here's a nighttime picture of what the fireplace looked like all lit up. My favorite part of the fireplace is that I can just put it on with zero heat. After all, my favorite part is the look of it. Right?

Our stopping point Saturday still included installing the rest of the framing below. Luckily it was all built and ready to go. 

And here is where we are now! I love being able to see where the actual mantle and "built out" part will be. Although I know it kinda looks like a bunch of studs - it means so much to me to have this progress. One step closer!

I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY HOLIDAY! I pray you have a safe, fun-filled, special time with your family and friends!


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