Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Built In Update

So these built ins are quite the ordeal for me. The ordeal being that there is wood EVERYWHERE in my house. I'm ready for this wood to be nailed into the wall where it belongs. Only 2 more work days before my long Christmas break. Can anyone tell it's time?

Once again, there is more that goes into building a built in than anticipated. And that anticipation is on my part - Josh always knows what he is getting himself into. Can you just put the cabinets on the ground? Nope, you have to build supports. Can you just put the fireplace on the ground? Nope, needs a support too. Thank heavens Josh knows what he is doing. I did however help him with all the wood cuts until I got knocked by a piece of wood to go along with my splinter and that was pretty much where I retired those services.

After many many cuts and measurements, all the cuts are made and the wood is ready to go! And, we've made baby steps in getting the "ready to go" in action.

Time to make some supports. As you can see I primed the fronts of the cabinets. That was short-lived because Josh actually needed to touch them. 

The supports are made. But here comes the tricky part, our floors and walls are uneven. So it's not as easy as just screwing it in - or nail-gunning it in. Whatever tool you use. Oh, and that blue sheet... Remember this used to be a doorway. Josh is going to drywall it from the other side. I don't fully understand but I just go with it. 

Of course Charles wanted to help. 

Sorry about this terrible picture, but this is where we are right now. The supports are in, cabinets are in, and the cabinet tops are installed. We will start putting up the shelves and all that goes along with that tonight! 

It's slowly coming to life people! Hopefully I have another update by the end of the week :) Hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas week!

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