Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Built in Update Four

So I last left off with you, yesterday, on our electrical being all wired up. Well from yesterday to what I have to show you today is quite an accomplishment. We're so close but so far away! For fun, let's do a little progression picture show.

Day One of the Project 

After Demo - removed the door, removed the wallpaper, and me and my impatient self put cabinets in the spot they would reside without taking a picture of the plain wall. 

Then cabinets and fireplace go in... 

After mantle/fireplace framing - sorry about the terrible nighttime iPhone pic. 

Aaaaand where we are now - drywall installed, cement board installed, & other odds and ends. It's finally looking "built out" from the cabinets and I'm loving where this is headed. 

And our plans for the rest of this week are to get those bookshelves up on either side first (which we kinda sorta started on over the weekend but nothing is up yet)- and then tackle putting together that mantle. Maybe even install the tile. Or maybe the tile goes first? We all know I'm not the one who runs the construction show. What are we thinking?! I'm thinking it looks SO GOOD and this was just what the room was missing. Can't wait to show you some more progress!

If you have plans tonight, I hope you have a safe and happy New Year's Eve celebration! I'll be right here in this living room cheering to a finished living room... with champagne of course. 

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