Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

I have to admit, I slacked a little in the picture department over the Thanksgiving break. It went by so fast as it always does. I posted a few times last week, but I truly didn't do much housework - Josh was alone in that feat. So some of these pictures may be a bit backward.

Where are we with the living room after having an entire week off to work on it? Well, the drywall is screwed into the wall. Is that progress? I'll post about that this week. I mean, it's not that interesting. We were so busy doing all this fun stuff...

Something we accomplished earlier last week was buying all the materials for our built in and mantle that Josh will be putting together. The fireplace is ordered as well. Yay! Here's what some of the materials look like. I got very bored on this trip and had to be quiet so Josh could think so I wasn't paying attention very well. 

Oh, and can't forget the materials for the bead board ceiling... 

All that lumber shopping had me in the mood for some REAL shopping. My mom and I went boutique shopping, saw "About Time" (have you seen it? We loved it!), had a spa night, and then ended up doing this.... 

The following day Josh needed to ground all the electrical - that's what I was trying to tell you last week! And I'll post more about that this week as well. Anyway, that was code for me to go on shopping day #2. Here's what our thermostat looked like with our power off... Goodbye! 

Thanksgiving number 1 for dinner Wednesday night was spent with my Dad's Mom... 

This is what he does when I say "we can forget the wreath"... 

And then thanksgiving day for lunch... We aren't so good at this angle apparently. Our waitress said I looked like a turtle. :) 

And then thanksgiving night at Nottoway with my immediate family. Love y'all! This was actually the first year that we've done something at night on Thanksgiving. You see, my brother and my dad work on holidays so we don't get to see them during the day - so I think this made up for it. It was a totally un-traditional Thanksgiving and I think that makes it more enjoyable sometimes. I love changing things up.

And then Friday we had the LSU game to attend where I got to tailgate with this sweet friend. 

Saturday we had friendsgiving, and MORE shopping. Which leads us to Sunday, back to the drywall! I guess I wasn't so bad with the pictures. Love this little pup. He's helping his dad. 

See what I mean about busy?! Enjoyed every minute of my holidays and so looking forward to my next break! Check back in to see how our drywall is coming along as well as our new safe electrical. Enticing, I know!

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