Monday, December 30, 2013

Built In Update THREE

Happy Monday everybody! I have so much to update y'all on (decorations & major progress + a tile purchase) but let's start small. It wouldn't be right of me to ignore all the hard work that Josh put into getting the built ins ready for a TV, DVR, internet, fireplace, etc. We all know that I don't know what went into making this actually work, but what I do know is how much TIME this took & how many trips to the store this required. (Anyone else who just can't seem to buy everything they need in one trip?) Besides, doesn't this look fancy-pants to say that you did this safely yourself?  

What this translates to in my world is a whole lotta Netflix watching aaand maybe a show or two on Bravo. #tvjunkie 

Gives you a headache, right? 

Besides sticking my hands in the wall to catch wires, I was pretty hands off throughout this part of the project. 

Now, who's ready to see some real built ins come to life!? Here's a few hints: framing..check, drywall..check, cement board...check. And with all those checks, check back in tomorrow :) 

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