Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm back!

Sorry for my absence! Sickness swept through our household, and it's still lingering actually... On top of that, we've been Christmas partying & Josh has been working long hours. Maybe mix in a little laziness as well. And, honestly, I've been living in a full on construction zone. I'm typically not a complainer, but some times the mess just starts to overwhelm you. Next time you think your house is a mess, I encourage you to take a look at this little montage I have thrown together for you...

This was once upon a time my finished dining room. 
Anyway, back to a little bit of progress. Remember how I was supposed to paint our beadboard ceiling a few weeks ago? Well I didn't. But I did however accomplish that this weekend! 

So I started out smalll. This woulda taken me AGES. 

Then, things started to multiply!

And this isn't even half of them. 

Alas, they are all primed and painted. I felt like I had just conquered a huge battle when Josh says "you know we didn't buy enough yet to cover the whole ceiling". Let's change the subject. Here's a little update on the drywall now that it's sanded and almost ready for texture. 

We have a few developments in the built in department that I will be back with for tomorrow! Crossing our fingers to still get this knocked out before the end of the year. Send your good vibes this way please!

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