Thursday, January 9, 2014

Built In Update Six

This is the point in the project where I am more antsy than ever. Everything is almost there and I'm ready to just move my sofa back in already. That wouldn't be smart because we still have tons to paint. I get my impatience from my Mom, right Mom? But the good news is that, not only do I have a tiled fireplace to show you, I also have PRIMED bookshelves and a complete mantle AND I have textured walls AND primed textured walls. Yep, the piece for our texture gun came in super fast and we are back on track. The entire room is one big white canvas ready for personality! Although, I am enjoying the plain white for a moment (it's a far cry from the pink wallcovering). Told you it'd be a happy day! I can brag because technically, I live in a dump (for the moment). Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty to do in the bookshelf department as far as trim goes, but let's savor this moment. Something we did accomplish is getting this bookshelf and mantle caulked, wood-puttied/sanded, and primed. Here we go...

Looks like a cloud right? Minus the dirty dirty disgusting floors. Here's an upclose shot. See my little mail coming through the slot? You can see a little bit more of my mantle detail. Of course, it'll all be dark charcoal. These pictures were taken before school (aka my workplace) one day so it's still dark outside. You get what you get. Snaps for me for taking a few before rushing out the door.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane to this past weekend. Here we are just starting to put the frame up, I guess you could call it, for the mantle. Everything was taped off for the texture gun. Texture gets everywhere when you spray it! I learned that lesson from when we textured our bathroom walls. 

Hehe :)  Josh is ready to put the tiles up. And I'm even more anxious. 

Anyone like our technique for keeping those tiles in place? How do you keep them from falling down?

Check out how dark our grout was.

Grout is finished and the tiles are super cloudy. Josh had many rounds of wiping down the tile.

The design for the mantle just kind of evolved as we put up different pieces of trim and said "do we like this?" or this or this. And there you have it. 

This little baby will be all finished up and ready for your viewing pleasure in a post next week. Can't wait to share. Happy Thursday!

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