Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's almost February and I just realized I didn't set out to list any goals for the year. House goals, that is. What else am I doing with my life anyway? This is really hard for me to write down because I know in my mind I have a magic wand in one hand and a realistic slap in the face in the other hand. So, let's be ambitious. That's the only way to get things done, right?

1.  Get this main downstairs bathroom gutted/renovated. This project will be creeping up on us shortly. It will force Josh and I to share a bathroom as the result and there will be no shower. I only have a tub in my tiny finished bathroom. Ought to be interesting to say the least. Don't worry the blue carpet is long gone, now there's nice contractor paper down. And I never took a "before" of this bathroom. It really is quite large, but I guess the idea of an entire picture of it scared me. It's still got wallpaper on the ceiling. 

2.   Complete our hallway makeover. I talked a little bit about this yesterday and I should be moving forward with this early next week after I do nothing all weekend.

3.   Make our front bedroom (the last of the 3 on the downstairs level that need a makeover) an actual bedroom and completely redo the closet. So, I want to make that little vanity area an entire walk-in dream closet. Dream is obviously relative. Fun fact: that closet/vanity area used to be a porch. Maybe this can be a One Room Challenge room?

4.  Speaking of closets, we want to give all the closets in our house a complete overhaul. They aren't       functional. Picture the closets where you walk in to them and then you get hit by clothes. And get hit in the face with the smell of mothballs. 

5. With the bathroom renovation completion, the hole in the floor in the hallway shall disappear. At least that's what I'm told.

6. Landscaping. Won't our house be even more adorable with a little embellishment?

I asked Josh last night if he had any goals for our house this year and he pretty much listed all the same goals as me. Basically because we talk about our house goals every other hour. He did mention that he may want to start on the upstairs - while if there is extra time, I definitely want to start on the hire someone to do our kitchen. Ideally, the would happen this summer when I'm on a break from work. We shall see where this year takes us!


  1. Happy new year! I'm glad i'm not the only one running behind this year. It's quite the impressive list! Your house is totally adorable outside, this is kinda a lofty idea but your porch would look great with columns in place of your iron supports. I can't wait to follow along this year! Cheers girl.

    1. Hey girl! Happy New Year to you as well! We totally have that idea on our long list. It's right up there with our "add a front porch" idea. Wouldn't that be divine? :) Can't wait to see what we accomplish!

  2. Renovation for your 2014 goals? That’s a big challenge, especially since you have two rooms and a landscaping project planned as well. It’s a good thing that you plan to hire a contractor for this. Somehow you’ll be assured that everything will be done according to your plan and time table. Have you started with the renovation?

    Arthur @

  3. That’s a lot of renovation work, Eris. Renovation projects can be overwhelming. It's a good thing you plan to hire someone to do some of the more challenging parts of the project. It must be a big relief for the two of you because you won't get stressed with the tedious part of the renovation. Anyway, how’s it going? I’ve read your bedroom reveal, and it looks really lovely. I’m sure it will be the same with the other remaining tasks. Good luck!

    David Larkin @ DAL Builders