Monday, January 6, 2014

Built In Update Five

Did everyone have a nice weekend? I'm back at work today after two weeks being off. I see lots of coffee in my future.

Truth be told, we thought we'd be a little further along in the built in department. And, we are. The mantle is now built! So I guess I shouldn't call it delayed in the built in department - more or less, overall department. So I guess we got delayed in one area and advanced  in another. So, we had a little snag in our plan. The snag being this - we finished all 3 layers of drywall and they are all sanded - woo hoo let's bust out the texture gun! Yay everything is ready to go and - "We're missing a piece to the texture gun". 30 minutes of rummaging through EVERYTHING and it's no where to be found. Hop on the internet and order a new piece that won't be in until (hopefully) this week - we ordered it last week. Obviously, it was easiest to spray the texture on the wall before we moved forward with other elements in the room - mantle & ceiling - but we didn't want to be pushed back even further. I guess this is one of those things where the heavens start laughing at you and remind you that we are, in fact, not in control. They must've been laughing really hard after I taped off every thing in the room to get ready for the texture which I am NOT taking down to paint in the meantime. Foot down.

Let's jump back on the positive train! After all, you haven't even seen the bookshelves! Last off I left you here. Here's a little picture refreshment of last week.

And now, things are looking like this. Yes I know, don't even look at all that dust on the floor. 

So, it still is missing a few things - such as all the trim work. Along the top of each bookcase will be some type of crown molding and all along the bottom is going to be some trim work as well. Notice all that sheetrock just screaming for some attention? I'm hoping to get that addressed as soon as our piece comes in.  Eeek I can't wait to show you the mantle. More on that later this week! Before we get to that, here's a few more pictures of the built in building process. First thing we had to do, was put up the backer board.

We couldn't forget about the little mail slot. We chopped out a little spot to make sure all our mail still comes through. Anyone else have a mail slot like this? Thinking of putting a little tray underneath to "catch" the mail. Here we go, I'm rambling about mail. 

Time to build the shelves. Yes all the sawing happened right in the living room. There is dust everywhere you hear me. But its rainy and cold. Pretty sure I win wife points for this one... that I've probably already spent. 

Next up the sides and top piece went up followed by all the bookshelves. Underneath all those supports is a piece of wood to hide it all and make it look crisp and uniform. 

Another little cubby area for our internet/cable/outlets. I promise I won't babble about these. 

And there you have it! Now there's a whole lotta bookshelves and fireplace for me to prime and paint. Stay tuned this week for plenty more updates! 


  1. Great progress! It's so hard to go back after a long break...

    1. Thanks Layne! There just wasn't enough coffee to make a dent in my yawns this morning :)

  2. wow. this is no joke. well done. -Caitlin

    1. No joke is right - there are about 5 bazillion steps haha. Thanks for the compliment! xox