Friday, January 3, 2014

Cabinet Hardware

I promise I will be back on Monday with another built in update for you. Eeek! Things are getting very real. But for now, let's think about how to dress up those plain jane cabinets!

Rose gold? True gold? Brass? I knew I wanted a shade in the goldish family. For the shape I knew I wanted something pretty structured - not too feminine - no swirls or crystal knobs. Maybe something a little bulky, or maybe just simple, clean, no fuss hardware? I mean the hardware is the jewelry of the whole wall - totally worth all my excessive thinking. 

Sources: OneTwoThree

I had an idea sort of in my brain of what kind of cabinet hardware I wanted, but I just hadn't seen IT yet. Until I stumbled upon this picture. I introduce to you, if you haven't met yet, brushed brass hardware by Lewis Dolin. I don't know the image source, but I pretty much love every single thing in the image as well - and it's very reminiscent of where we are headed. Since I'm doing a charcoal mantle, I like that this image kind of shows me what the hardware would look like next to a darker shade. 

Here they are up close. Although, arguably, I think they look 200 times better on the actual piece above. 

Has anyone used these before? I'm pretty excited to try them! I placed my order and they should be here next week! 

Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. I love the hardware pulls. Where did you find them?