Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday fun

So rewind to last Friday. Snow day! Since I have a job in a school, I was off! However, J had work. With the beauty of old houses, I could hear that after about 20 minutes the car hadn't left yet. So I rolled out of bed and peeked out of the bathroom window. This is what I see. Scraping ice with a credit card. Definition of southerners' unpreparedness for "snow days"! 

Friday night rolls around and I'm already stir crazy. And technically, I could've gone outside if I wanted to. On a serious note though, we had over 200 accidents Friday. Interstates were shut down and bridges were closed. The interstate looked like a scene from walking dead. Minus the zombies. Anyway, we decided to get out and have a lemon drop or two and some tapas. Fried jambalaya ball, anyone? 

Saturday we got to SHOP! Is this what people do on weekends? We browsed lots of furniture and nick knacks. Next up we have a little inspiration piece. I love X furniture. Is there a name for it? 

And here I am fussing because the store workers are staring at us J for taking too many pictures. 

Well, it wasn't all house shopping... You can never have too many bracelets.

Remember that X piece? J made this for me out of wood scraps from the ceiling and built ins. Love how it turned out. Love even more that it only took a few hours to build on Saturday and it's free... In a sense. What color are we thinking for paint? Jury is still out. 

Our weekend ended with some family time on Sunday and a king cake. Ohhh king cake. Crossing my fingers for another snow day this week. Crossing my toes that we don't have to make up the school days we miss! Did anyone watch The Bachelor wedding last night? How many times did they show the honeymoon suite?!? Geez. Anyway, my plan for this afternoon is to go buy some art supplies to do a couple paintings for the living room - and maybe even go buy some paint for the hallway. Time to start on that project! Hope everyone has a fab Monday!


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    1. Thanks, girl! Snow day today = paint experimentation on this coffee table. Hopefully I don't ruin it!

  2. I love how much time you both spend together. I think I my husband would drive me nuts if he went shopping with me.

    1. Luckily, he's a spender so usually a good shopping buddy :)