Monday, July 22, 2013

Bathroom Update! Paint is Up!

Isn't it awesome how much better paint can make a room feel... and smell. While we still have to install baseboards and a door frame - and Josh decided to be ambitious and put up crown molding (to match our bedroom) - it looks so much crisper.

I already shared that the paint color is a continuation of the paint color in our bedroom which is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. Our trim color is Dove White by BM as well. Or is it white dove? Anyway..

Had I known we were putting up crown molding, I probably wouldn't have taped. I really really really didn't want to have to prime the ceiling so I didn't want any grey overflow from the walls.

And here goes the first swipe of the paint brush on the ceiling. Side note - I do most of "my work" while Josh is at work so I have to take lame pictures of myself like this :) When I was taking the tape down Josh said "let me take a picture of you for a change" - well it came out awful and was quickly deleted. And who wants to be documented "taking tape down"? - exactly.

This is after coat one of ceiling paint... And two coats of wall paint... 

And after... 

I tried to give you an upclose of the color. It's hard because there's a big window that causes lots of glare. Basically its a grey that also has some taupe in it. 
Doesn't the window look SO MUCH BETTER? I spackled all the nail holes and sanded, and caulked and then painted. 

Oh and if you look up, there's this serves no purpose cabinet. You have to be 7ft tall to reach it. If I get brave enough, I'll take a picture of the inside of it for y'all. Scary sight. 

And this wall was once home to two towel racks and a hand rail... 

If you were sitting in the tub and then turned around to face our room, this is what you would see. Typically, there isn't a ladder in our room. But, what I was really referring to is the lack of trim around the door. 

Originally, our plans for the weekend included much more than just removing painter's tape from the painted-on-Friday room. But, we declared it a "rest weekend" and enjoyed every minute of it! And the verdict on painting the ceiling - it goes wayyyy quicker than the wallpaper removal so as far as the neck pain - it isn't nearly as horrendous. 

A highlight of the weekend was going to our friends gender reveal party. Yay for a baby boy!! Congrats Beverly and Beau! Thanks for having us there on such a special day :)

Oh, and if you're wondering how we "know" how to do things - this is how. Josh goes to the library, reads books and then does it! Ignore the book on the top of the stack, that one is obviously not about home improvement :)

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