Friday, July 5, 2013

The Tiny Bathroom Saga - Phase 1

And so it begins. The story of our awkwardly tiny compact "en suite" bathroom. While the idea is right and really everything is there that you need, this bathroom is small. TINY. I can reach one side of the bathroom all the way to the other side of the bathroom even if I'm standing all the way to one side. You get my exaggerated point.

Next issue - blue carpet. You've seen it before. The beloved blue carpet has resurfaced in our small master bath and it is so kindly installed under the toilet.

And the next issue - wallpaper. I'd say I'm pretty good at removing wallpaper now after I tackled the hallway. I used the same technique in the bathroom. Unfortunately, when I started removing the wallpaper - this happened.

That would be a layer of the drywall coming off. Once the cardboard is exposed, you have to patch the drywall and sand and smooth (repeat) until it all blends together. If the damage is significant, you have to re-drywall. Obviously I don't want to re-drywall but so we're gonna test out the patching on these areas and see how it goes. P.S. I got all that information from Google :) If worse comes to worse, we may just wallpaper it again. Once, I figure out what to do about the wallpapered ceiling. Big sigh.

Along with the wallpaper, there was this "shade". Turns out, it's actually a piece of cardboard covered in wallpaper that is then wallpapered to the wall. That makes me exhausted just typing it!

Last but not least, check out all these handles. I didn't get a picture of it but at the back of the tub, there were also TWO towel racks hanging on the wall.

And then, there was this nifty little guy. We can't quite figure out what he is. Has anyone seen this before? We think its a clothes line since there is a hook on the other side.

Don't want to forget this little gem either. Anyone need to make a phone call? How was this legal? Right next to the tub!

Luckily, I've got the new vanity, new faucet, and new flooring tiles all picked out and ready to go. Everyone cross your fingers and toes that to get to that point doesn't take as long as I've imagined it will take. Positive thoughts!

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