Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tiny Bathroom Update

This may be a small update. But, it's progress. Josh pulled up the blue carpet. He couldn't get the carpet underneath the toilet but he will as soon as we take the toilet out. Now, we had never taken out carpet before moving into this house. When we took it out of the keeping room area, it was easy because we just had a square. It was stapled and nailed down but there was nothing on top of it. In this bathroom, Josh used a utility knife to cut away the carpet. It looks like it would be easy, but it took a lot of strength.

See how some of the floor is sanded and some isn't? Up until a little while ago there was another space heater sitting on top of that space. So, Josh capped the gas line and now we are left with more sanding :/ Ready to stain that patch of my master bedroom to match the rest!

Then, I came in to remove carpet strips. (You can see an up-close of those above). So Josh gathered my tools and showed me what to do. All I did was hammer a crowbar under the strips then used those other two tools to remove nails and staples. Glamorous work, right? Don't forget your gloves! It's quite unsanitary if you ask me.

You know I'm looking to speed things along when I'm smiling holding a hammer and crowbar!

After I did the one's I could reach, Josh came in to remove hardware and the part of the faucet from the vanity. He also removed where the mirror, light, and magnifying mirror were. I mean seriously is there anything else you can fit in this space?!
This is where that weird toiletry holder was. 

Until next time :)

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  1. Oh my, you all really are ambitious! I love how much work you're doing and the end result will be so rewarding knowing you did it on your own-- together.