Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blinds and Shades

Bathroom break :)

Custom basic shades? (You know the kind they sell at Lowe's for every window size except yours and then you end up having to pay $500 for a taupe colored shade - insert angry face.) Sure, they're nice. But, who loves the price tag? Not this girl! I'm speaking from experience. In our first house, we had custom shades for a 100" long window. My little heart fluttered when I realized that this house has standard window sizes. Like I almost did a dance. There's nothing more frustrating than agonizing on making a good choice for a window when it costs an arm and a leg. But, when it's not sooo bad, then you feel like you can maybe change things if you get super bored with them.

One thing that drew us to this neighborhood is the very homey, friendly, people walking down the streets, lots of shade feel, etc. So, I knew we wanted blinds in most of our rooms because there's always something to look at it. You can't exactly spit out pretty scenery. It's a bonus. Plus, I wanted lots of light.

After about 2 months with paper shades, we decided it was time to put up some more permanent solutions. I did adore our paper shades for their instant fix - you just can't beat $5 a shade for privacy. We still have them up in our dining room because I actually may splurge on some custom shades in there. I'm thinking some type of pattern.

Anyway, we settled on some easy-peasy cheap faux wood blinds for our living room, bathroom, and middle bedroom. Here they are. Our windows are 31x60. But there are a few other options bigger and smaller. Once Josh got the hang of it, they went up super easy and quick. Why did we pick faux wood blinds over real wood? First, the price. Second, they look just as good. And, we plan to put drapes over most windows anyway. And for $26 a piece, you can't beat that!

Charley says hi!

When deciding on shades or blinds for our bedroom, I instantly knew that I wanted fabric roman shades. Why? Because I wanted the whole room drenched in fabrics :) I think it makes the whole room look softer. How did I get to this conclusion? Josh put up our actual drapes a while back. Here he is putting them up.

I love a Greek key pattern. The light coming through is nice. So, I knew I wanted the light to continue coming through. Hence, the light filtering fabric roman shades I chose also from Lowe's. The best part, they were only $25 a piece! I mean really? Here they are. There is an option for room darkening shades as well - they are about $45 a piece instead. Still, very reasonable! Now, I wish I could say the same for the installation. We had a very hard time installing them. Josh got them to work but he told me I could tell y'all that this, out of all projects, was the one that caused him the most aggravation. Imagine that! He even had to give up and wait till the next morning to finish the project. :/

And after two weeks with them up and running, they are perfect! 

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