Sunday, July 14, 2013

(Two) Weekend(s) worth of Bathroom Demolition

Anyone getting tired of the tiny bathroom yet?! Not me. In fact, I'm more excited than ever considering everything is out!!!! Goodbye tile, vanity, toilet, wallpaper, tub, and all other gadgets that were lurking in this bathroom!! Thank you very much to my father in law who came over to help Josh out with all the labor! I know we still have a long ways to go, but for now this is keeping me very excited.

In preparation for weekends full of demo, I had a fun little girls night at Lava Cantina. Then, we had date night with some favorites the next night. Boys didn't get a photo :) So much fun getting to go out to dinner!

So the last time you saw the bathroom, I think it was looking something like this.

Well, obviously the wallpaper had begun coming down. Some spots came down super easy and others took what felt like ages. And I mentioned before that the top layer of drywall was coming down with the paper. Well I scraped and scraped (sometimes against my will) and it ended up looking like this. I used the same technique that I used in the hallway. I even tried a different technique using a steamer - didn't work. 

And then I looked up... 

Wallpapered ceilings. Oh yeah. I didn't pause to take pictures, but the white border at the top of the walls was double-papered. So it took me triple the time to get it all down.

Josh and I rotated turns in and out of the room because it's too small to work in there together. He was busy pulling up all those wood boards. Since we are putting marble tiles, we need a different type of sub-floor. This time we are putting in cement board. 

Here he is almost finished pulling up the wood. And in I go to sweep up all the mess. 

And then it was time to cut the drywall so we could pry the tub out of there. After much debate, we decided to replace the tub. The tub was actually still in good shape, but it was this off white/almond color. Our plan is to put white subway tile as the back-splash to the tub. So, we bought some white subway tiles and brought them home and it just clashed too much for us. Especially since the vanity and toilet are bright white as well.

So once Josh got it loose, it was time to take it out of the bathroom. This was the tough part. That thing is HEAVY! Even I had to jump in to help. I almost pulled my arm out of socket from the two minutes I was holding it.

Josh dragging the tub through the kitchen. He even cracked a smile for me :)
At last, the tub is out by the road. Let's see how long she lasts! Actually can you put a tub by the road? Haha. We'll see I guess!

Once the tub was out, it looked like this... 

I have to say, all the demo could be done in probably just a day. The hold-up was my job/fault (sorry Josh!) - I have a love/hate relationship with taking down wallpaper. I love seeing it come down but hate the process of doing it! Plus we had friends in town and that was way more fun than slaving away in this bathroom all weekend. We finished all the demo on Saturday of the second weekend around 3ish. Then, we started to put it back together again. Woo hoo!

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