Thursday, July 18, 2013

Putting Bathroom Walls Back Together Again

After a weekend worth of bathroom demo, Josh was more than excited to go grab some new tools for his next project(s). Remember the drywall in the bathroom was in bad shape after the wallpaper came down?  This pile of tools makes Josh very happy. He's been having his eyes on that DeWalt set for quite some time. The other tools are being used for the drywall. What's interesting is that a few months ago I would've thrown a hissy fit over the costs of tools; today, I actually get excited over them! Well maybe excited is a stretch. 

We were left with these walls. After I begrudgingly removed those last slivers of wallpaper, it was time to get going on the wall repair. Our first step was to apply two coats of oil based primer to fix all those nasty imperfections.

Two coats of primer later (and two very tired people), we have this... 

At the bottom it looks nasty, but that's because the baseboards go right there. We removed the existing ones and are replacing them with new ones!

This is the ceilling! Looking pretty sweet right?! So long wallpaper!
I thought the walls looked pretty magnificent after the priming step. It's amazing what just two coats of primer could do for those walls. After it was primed, Josh sanded down all the rough spots to where it was smooth and ready for texture.

Then, he started cutting into the drywall. Drywall has to come out so the subway tile can go in!

P.S. Crazy to see all the bones of the room with the tub out huh?

Please excuse the batch of laundry in the next photo. It was pouring down raining and we had no other place! Josh is mixing the mud for the drywall texture. This is the smile that a new tool will put on this face. 

Next up, put that mixture into this texture sprayer and start spraying onto the wall. Josh had a little too much pep in his step when he pulled the trigger the first go round!

The first round was a bust. :) Here he is scraping it off the wall. We quickly learned what we liked and what we didn't like. Large clumps - no thank you. 

Next up is the paint! I planned to have that done by now, but I still have the ceiling left :) And a little bit of touching up to do. Anyone see a big difference already pre-paint?! Here's a little before before action to where we are now.

Psst - that mirror will be making its debut again in our new bathroom :)

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