Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Bedroom Update: Middle Bedroom

Time for a little middle guest bedroom update. Didn't I just say that in the title? New sheets! New pillows! Pictures hung! And that's it. Slightly disappointing, but so much improvement :) I would love a little rug for this room, a quilt for the end of the bed, curtains, more things on the walls, more furniture, etc. So basically I need to get with it. Rather, get to the store.

Originally, I based the wall color off of these pillows...

But then I decided that I wanted this artwork instead... (sorry about the glare)

So time for a new plan. Luckily, my Mom mentioned that she had two pillows that she wasn't using if I wanted them. Fun fact - the first set of pillows were hers too. We did a switcharoo and now I have these beauties. They go so much more naturally now. And, I think the wall color pretty much adapts to whatever I put in there. LOVE that wall color. It may or may not make an appearance in the hallway :)

Pretend like you don't see those wooden boards on the ground. This is where they reside for the time being. They are being used to repair the big hole in the floor in the hallway. They used to be in the dining room along with everything else, but I tripped over them one day and stubbed my toe really bad - I may have had a slight temper tantrum. They were moved once Josh got home. :) But if you happened to look down at these boards, did you notice the wooden floor that is supposed to be there? Doesn't it look awesome in this picture? Josh did a great job with refinishing them.

The other side of the room...

This room is missing furniture. Ideally, I want a dresser to go under these pictures. And different nightstands - or maybe just redone nightstands. I have a few tables in my kitchen purgatory keeping area that are just waiting for a home.

And don't even get me started on that desk. I don't know where to put it. It doesn't really fit in any of the rooms. I certainly don't want it in "my" room. Aka my dressing room. But I think it looks so out of place in the room now. What would you do?  Maybe I should just throw it in the dining room along with the tool collection. I was tempted to move it for these pictures but I'm too lazy and I guess that wouldn't be reality.

And the windows that you've already seen in my blinds and shades post.

Thoughts on curtains? I'm thinking plain white. Won't the room look way more complete once those are up? I have some picked out at pottery barn online because they aren't available in the store, but seriously - $40 for "shipping and fees" for cotton curtains? That's ridic. If only 108 length curtains were easier to come by.

As for all these decorations I speak of, I already own a lot of "stuff" from our other house so it's just a matter of sifting through and finding something that works.

I don't think you've ever seen this room's closet. It's quite awkwardly shaped and will definitely need some re-configuring that I think'll happen when we renovate the bathroom that it's attached to.

Like how do you see the clothes if they are all pushed up against the wall? Closets weren't as adored as they are these days I guess. Still, it's serving a great storage purpose so I can't knock it. 

The little door that leads to another blue bathroom. 

Up until last night, the baseboards were hanging off the walls because of electrical work. Josh hammered them back in for me for picture purposes, but they are all eventually getting replaced. Along with this little fellow...

Note to self... Dry wall is very sensitive. 

Anyone notice any improvements in picture quality?? I got a new camera yesterday :)

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