Friday, July 5, 2013

Chandelier Makeover

So, I started this post a few days ago. And then it disappeared. Anyway, I mentioned a few days ago that we put up some light fixtures. Well, I also mentioned that we put up a chandelier in our front bedroom. Now, I don't know if anyone has noticed but Josh does most of the hard-core hands-on work so I feel like I try and contribute as much as possible. So when our house left us with light fixtures that felt less than loved and DUSTY, I felt like I could do something to spruce them up. Did you catch my emphasis on the dust? Add about a million to that.

Here I am outside putting this puppy together. I did it ALL by myself. There was no "Josh come do this for me". All me! That's a big accomplishment :) It took  me about an hour because I had to take a break because I got hot outside. Haha.

Let's start with the before - it's a terrible before picture by the way. I liked the chandelier fine, but as I have said before, I'm not a huge fan of brown or bronze or the color family in general. In this photo it's kind of blending in with my chairs, but you get the picture.
What I did: I bought some Krylon black spray paint that was good for painting metal surfaces from Lowe's. I think it cost $5. Then I taped off the spot where the light bulbs go. Here is an up-close look. You can tell I did this project a while ago since that big floor heater is still in the floor!
Then, I headed outside and started spray painting. It's a pretty fool-proof operation. You just spray the paint onto the fixture. Genius! But, you have to make sure you do a pretty thin layer otherwise it will drip. I think I did three coats of spray paint. On a really sunny day it's kinda hard to see which spots are still bronze compared to black. 

Fast-forward about a month later (and a whole lotta electrical work), and we have this hanging in our front bedroom. Honestly, it could've been a light bulb hanging up there and I would've been satisfied. But I guess this a step up from a plain ole light bulb. When there are NO lights for a month, you go a little crazy. 
I guess I can't take ALL the credit :) 
Oh and don't worry, there's more where that came from :) Except for that nasty fan that weighs 200 pound that I'm waiting patiently on Josh to discard. I tried with all my might to pick it up - not happening. 
Would you make over a chandelier or just buy a new one? I can't lie, I always want new things. But when you put things in perspective you appreciate what you have to work with. Besides, it's another story to tell for myself and to you :)

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