Monday, August 12, 2013

A Chair Brought Back to Life

Remember when I told you about my desk as a nightstand? Well, I didn't have a chair to go with that desk. I started looking and looking - I wanted a Chinese Chippendale chair but I didn't have any luck in that department. And by luck I mean the money. If you don't know what I'm talking about... this is the beautiful piece of furniture I am talking about.

This little gem is found at Jonathan Adler

Why didn't I just scoop him up? Because he's $595-$695. There are some cheaper alternatives/knockoffs. Still just as pretty and only slightly less expensive. Here's a couple versions.

Wisteria's version for $419. 

Macau Arm Chair via Ballard Designs for $299.

So it isn't exactly what I ended up with. One day I will track down a set of these on eBay. Until then, I was at the mercy of my Mom's hand-me-downs. So last week she called me up and said I could have this little beauty. 

Well I put it next to the desk, and it's a bit of a shrimp. 

Oh well, it doesn't have to be right tucked up under the desk in the first place. The chair is allowed to float about the room. Anyway, obviously the chair needs a makeover. When I took the chair apart and got down to the original upholstery, this is what I found. Check out that maroon floral masterpiece. 

Out with the old and in with the new. Chalk paint was happening on the frame of the chair. 


The shrimp and the desk will be matching reaaaalll soon. 

Happy Monday!!

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