Friday, August 30, 2013

Hopefully the last bathroom update

Because hopefully, it will be all shiny and new come Monday! (or Tuesday). Yay for Labor Day weekend!! So here's my last little roundup on our bathroom.

So far, what we've accomplished. (and I'm probably missing a few things!)

  • Demo'ing the bathroom (removed toilet, vanity, tub, wallpaper, telephone, door frame, baseboards, and random bars throughout the room)
  • Buying all the tools/supplies needed for this bathroom (dozens of trips to the store!)
  • Removed old sub-floor and installed new sub-floor 
  • Oil based primed the room to fix all the imperfections in the wall 
  • Sprayed texture onto the walls 
  • Repainted the walls and trim
  • Installed the bathtub and toilet 
  • Re-did plumbing for our new bath faucet fixture
  • Installed cement board on the walls 
  • Installed new faucet into vanity 
  • Tiled, grouted, and sealed the hexagon floors 
  • Tiled and grouted the bath tub surround 
  • Caulked around the tub
  • Made a window treatment
  • Made paintings/artwork for the room

And what we have left to do (this weekend):

  • Seal the tile around the tub 
  • Install the transition piece from the wood flooring to the tile 
  • Install door frame and baseboards 
  • Install light fixture 
  • Put vanity back in (with a little plumbing work) 
  • Hang window treatment and art/DECORATE!

Still sound like a lot to you? Sealing around the tub will probably take about 5 minutes. So we may as well just check that off the list. Transition piece is already cut and ready to just pop right in. The most time consuming things will be the baseboards and trim, since most of the plumbing is ready to go. We're hoping to have this done by Sunday so we can get to work on the hallway. 

This week we've Josh has been cutting tiles left and right to finish up the floor and the tub surround. All those little odd pieces need to be cut to specific measurements and it takes forever. I'm happy to say that all those little pieces have found their way to installation and are ready to be sealed. We've had some late nights this week!

Now for a little photo story of our week (since Wednesday). First up, meet the tile cutter as I call it, formally known as a wet saw. And Josh assembling it.

Charles wanted to help of course. Someone get this dude a rake!

Here he is cutting strips of tile. This part made me a little nervous.

Here's that transition piece I was talking about. He had to trim it up to make sure it fit in the spot. And there are grooves in the door that he had to saw out as well. Saw out? You get my point. And here's a late night shot - aren't our garbage cans lovely?

We had previously installed all the hexagon tiles in the room except for the ones right by the doorway because they all had to be cut and trimmed to different dimensions.  (P.S. Notice how the wood flooring isn't finished next to the bathroom.) Can.not.wait. to get that done.

Here's the beautiful after (pre-grouted on that strip of tiles by the door). Notice the transition piece is there to get the look as well. That little beauty is getting stained this afternoon. It was way too late and still dark this morning for me to take pics of it all the tile grouted, so this'll have to hold you till next week :)

Hope everyone has a safe, fun Labor Day weekend!! You all know what I'll be doing.

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