Friday, August 9, 2013

Vanity Install

Things are moving right along in the bathroom. Since we hit a snag with the bath faucet install, Josh decided we shouldn't wait around to do other projects. So, in goes the vanity! Once you see these pictures, you may realize just how tiny our little beloved bathroom is.

I always want to be a part of every project. A lot of the time, I can't be. In this case, I'm screwing in the legs of the vanity. Don't mess up. #babyjob #gladicouldhelp #unbrushedhair

It got late, but Josh was determined to screw this thing in place. He looks so hardcore. 

When installing the faucet, one of the pipes broke. Go figure. Josh says it's an easy fix. So we're off to Lowe's to fix it. Good news is the water runs through the faucet and it's good to go once we replace that piece of the pipe. 

Here's some shots in the daylight. 

That piece on the bottom shelf would be the piece we are replacing.  As lovely as the pipe looks on the shelf, it will actually be used for storing towels. 

Getting the small picture? 

What do you think about the new vanity? Ideally, we would have liked to put a pedestal sink to save room. I'm sure that's what most of you are thinking you would've done too. BUT, we really need a space to store towels and bathroom "stuff". We didn't really want to march on over to the other bathroom every time we needed a towel. Rather, I didn't want to. 

Last night we also put up the mirror "just to see" and I squealed with happiness. Can't wait for it be D-O-N-E. 

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